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Sentral is committed to delivering services in all types of facilities with integrity and pride, and that these traits must run in each team member for us to be successful. We believe that the most important members of our team are those that you see every day, the ones cleaning for our clients. The rest of the team is made up of support staff whose job it is to do everything possible to make the jobs of the cleaners as simple and painless as possible.

An appreciated and acknowledged person will deliver better results each and every day. Engaged team members provide a vital advantage and are held at the highest level within the Sentral organization. An empowered team member is a source of untapped power and has profound implications for our company’s growth and profitability.

Our goal is to consistently stay one step ahead in the industry while managing our development. Combined, our leadership team members have the collective experience of over one hundred years – strictly in real estate and real estate-related service businesses.


Strength in Numbers.

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We Take Stock in Our Team

Are you looking for a career where you are valued and engaged?

We’re looking for people to join the Sentral team—and thrive in an environment where you are challenged, supported, and empowered.  We work hard for the client, for each other, and for the company.

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