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As a planet, we consume more resources on a daily basis, meaning conservation of the environment becomes increasingly more critical. To help minimize the effect Sentral has on the environment, our services are provided with sustainability in mind. We strive to use chemicals that are not harsh; we find means that are highly effective yet safe. We have processes in place to ensure everything is accounted for and we are as green as possible, starting from the top of the building down to the ground floor.

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Businesses and government are increasingly inserting “greening” language into solicitations, with requirements that cleaning products will cause minimal skin, eye and respiratory irritation; are biodegradable; avoid undesirable or unnecessary dyes and fragrances; and are in recyclable containers to minimize non-recyclable waste. 

Sentral Building Services meets these new requirements, and more. Maintaining and exceeding standards is our goal. We purchase products based on safety, but moreover, we scrutinize for recycled content as it fits our clients’ needs. We identify the best items that are certified by independent third-party agencies. Solutions are based on acceptance under the USGBC, EPA, EcoLogo, and Green Seal symbols with effectiveness and an environmentally friendly nature.


Every day we strive to use the best Energy Star equipment to provide positive results in the least amount of time, with minimal or no detrimental effect to the facility. This means we operate equipment in a way that maintains standards but conserves energy and reduces waste. We also increase indoor air quality to reduce the circulation of dust and particulates to minimize the effects to our team members and building tenants.


Our equipment and training provide ergonomic support and more efficient, environmentally friendly, custodial processes while increasing safety and reducing physical stress on our team members. Our green processes provide a safer, environmentally friendly facility by using a combination of trained team members, recycled consumables (where possible), green chemicals, and efficient tools. Together these people, processes, and equipment provide the framework for improved IAQ, reduced waste, lowered costs, and increased building occupant satisfaction—all while supporting our environment.

Our commitment to green far exceeds recycled consumable products, corporate requirements, and unregulated certifications. We practice green every day, in all that we do. Our goal is simple; provide a clean, safe and healthy cleaning system for the facilities we serve. More importantly, ensure a working atmosphere that supports our clients, our team members, the tenants and visitors of the building, the same way it supports our environment.

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