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Maintain Your Facility with CARE

The CARE Methodology prioritizes modern, high-quality processes, technology, products, and the science of cleaning to deliver an immaculate, safe, and healthy environment.

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Premier Janitorial Staff

When cleaning services are not delivered consistently, your building degrades faster, causing stress and damaging your reputation with clients. Our staff is well-trained and equipped to handle the idiosyncrasies of any building, no matter the complexity.

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Streamlined Processes

When you manage your cleaning in-house, or utilize contract cleaning, moving to the premier service provider minimizes and eliminates time consuming burdens to your operations team, keeping them from the tasks they're best at. We bring best practices developed over many years, so you can focus where you're needed.

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No Hidden Costs or Terms

Cleaning is the easiest thing we do. Understanding your needs, developing a solid plan, and fulfilling the scope of work (SOW), while identifying areas that require emphasis to your attention upfront allows a true partnership to develop that fulfills your overall needs and budgets.

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Maintain Your
Facility with CARE

The CARE Methodology prioritizes the best processes and products to embrace the modern science and technology of cleaning. delivering an immaculate, safe, and healthy environment.

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Reasonable Rates

Set prices to keep your janitorial budget balanced.

Custom Proposals

Custom proposals to tailor project scope to what you actually need.

Flexible Crew

Flexible crew sizes to give your building the attention it needs, when it needs it.

Completion Dates

Firm completion dates so you can keep your projects on schedule.
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Get A Custom Cleaning Proposal

Services We Offer


Janitorial Services

Whether it's corporate headquarters, office space, medical facilities, government buildings, institutions, warehouses, manufacturing, or specialty/secured sites, we provide solutions for any of your facilities needs.

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Construction Cleaning

Whether pre, during (on-going staff/labor), or post-construction cleaning is required, we have OSHA-certified teams ready to maintain your jobsites, offices, trailers, or other areas in need of service. Our capabilities include US citizens, specialty clearance requirements, wage-scale, and certified projects. Services can be provided 24/7.

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Special Services

Whether you need a one-time task, or specific work for the long-term, we have all the tools and resources to meet your needs.

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A Local Cleaning Partner You Can Trust

We see cleaning not only as a service but as a way to connect and support local charities and associations in our area of operations.

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