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By Sentral Services
on February 23, 2022
Are you missing out on the most crucial commercial cleaning services? If you manage a commercial building, you know that finding the right commercial cleaning services and trusted providers can be ...
By Sentral Services
on February 16, 2022
What’s a sign you need a deep cleaning? Spoiler alert: it’s not only when you spot a dusty shelf. We’ve serviced many commercial clients over the years, so we’ve heard all the reasons that properties ...
By Sentral Services
on February 09, 2022
Don’t you wish you could peek at your neighbor’s cleaning invoice and see if you’re paying a fair price? Many factors impact your commercial cleaning service rates, including location, building ...
By Sentral Services
on February 03, 2022
If you’ve ever felt dirty when you get home from a long day, you know there’s nothing better than a nice sudsy, soapy shower. You come out of the shower feeling like you washed the day away and have ...
By Sentral Services
on January 26, 2022
The reputation of your medical suite rides on first impressions. Patients expect the highest levels of cleanliness and need to feel safe, especially amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Medical office ...
By Sentral Services
on January 19, 2022
A good cleaning company provides a decent service. A top cleaning company goes above and beyond to provide excellent service and partners with you to ensure the cleanliness of your building and the ...

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