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By Sentral Services
on January 12, 2022
A spotless office makes a great first impression on clients and customers. Not only that, but your employees will thank you too. The aftermath of COVID-19 highlights the need to thoroughly clean and ...
By Sentral Services
on January 05, 2022
2020 brought to light the importance of protecting the health of your team and organization. It’s not enough to have a clean workplace; your team needs to know that professionals disinfect the ...
By Sentral Services
on December 28, 2021
A bad experience with a company you’ve hired to provide a service can leave a bitter taste in your mouth. And when it comes to the cleanliness of your offices and buildings, commercial cleaning and ...
By Sentral Services
on December 21, 2021
Over a third of office workers consider a clean and mindful environment a deciding factor when accepting a new job. Cleanliness is a big deal, even more so after the pandemic. Companies want their ...
By Sentral Services
on November 10, 2021
Imagine this: you've just hired a new janitorial service, and they're a terrible fit. The service is inconsistent, the employees unprofessional, the results lackluster at best. What a nightmare! How ...
By Sentral Services
on November 03, 2021
You’ve been unsatisfied with your current janitorial service for a while, but evaluating a new commercial cleaning company is a lot of work. Unfortunately, by sticking with a low-cost cleaning ...

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