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By Sentral Services on November 03, 2021

6 Surprising Benefits of Commercial Janitorial Services

You’ve been unsatisfied with your current janitorial service for a while, but evaluating a new commercial cleaning company is a lot of work. Unfortunately, by sticking with a low-cost cleaning company you’re unhappy with, you may be spending more money in the long run, and missing out on some key benefits that go well beyond emptied trash cans and mopped floors.

Keeping your building clean is no easy feat, and at Sentral Services, we know it. Some building managers see cleaning services as an afterthought - a job you can hand off to the lowest bidder. The bad news is that refusing to hire a high-quality commercial janitorial service can be a mistake you'll pay for in the areas you would least expect.

In this post, we offer some key benefits that a commercial janitorial service can provide, which will help you determine whether your current cleaning company is hitting or missing the mark.

The Benefits of Commercial Janitorial Services

A skilled janitorial service should be all but invisible. After all, the surest sign a cleaning service is doing their job is the absence of something; dust, mold, and dirt, to name a few. But there are more benefits to commercial janitorial services than smudge-free windows and mudless floors.

At Sentral Services, we know that commercial janitorial services can seem expensive, which is why we offer free custom cleaning proposals. When you talk to one of our experts, you can outline your budget to ensure that the proposal is well within your finances.

But what are we paying for when we partner with a cleaning service? Let's explore some of the surprising benefits of commercial janitorial services together.
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1. Happier Tenants

A clean building sets the stage for an excellent first impression, and a dirty building makes that first impression for you - and it won't be good.

There are specific industries where we assume customers are actively evaluating your building’s cleanliness. Restaurants, medical offices, and gyms might come to mind immediately, but professional cleanliness is an expectation that spans all industries. 

No one likes to work surrounded by mess and dirt. There is significant evidence that clutter and mess can negatively impact mental health. If your tenants and employees work surrounded by grime, dust, and unemptied trash bins, chances are they’re experiencing some unnecessary stress. 

Knowing they can count on a clean, sanitary workspace will give your tenants peace of mind. With the help of quality janitorial services, your tenants can focus on their jobs, rather than being distracted by unpleasant smells or unclean restrooms. 

Taking the necessary steps to provide your tenants with a clean environment will show them that their comfort is important to you. This effort will help to keep your people happier and more stress-free. 

2. Long-term Savings

Signing on to work with the lowest bidder for your commercial cleaning services might be tempting… but you’ll actually end up spending more money in the long run. 

A first-class janitorial service will not only go through the motions of cleaning but will consistently deliver excellent attention to detail, keeping even the unseen areas of your building in tip-top shape. 

Without consistent cleaning services, many of your furnishings and other building features will degrade more quickly. Suppose you are not vacuuming your carpeting often enough. The dust and dirt will grind into the fibers, ultimately wearing out the carpet much quicker than carpeting cleaned thoroughly regularly. Keeping your furnishings and finishes clean means you will need to replace them less frequently.

Would you rather pay for quality cleaning services now in predictable, incremental charges or pay for a surprise renovation down the road? For most building managers, the answer is obvious: pay a little now, save a lot later. 

(Read more about post-construction cleaning services)

3. Safer Work Environment

We don't necessarily think of many office jobs as dangerous, but with improperly cleaned buildings, they certainly can be. The coronavirus pandemic has shown us just how unsafe and germ-ridden many office spaces are. At Sentral Services, we have helped many buildings reopen from shutdowns due to COVID-19, which has made disinfection services vital for office safety. In addition to viruses, office spaces can become home to other dangers like harmful mold.

By investing in consistent, high-quality commercial janitorial services, you can prevent harmful mold from setting up camp in your building. Many janitorial companies also offer disinfecting services to sanitize your surfaces, killing any viruses that may be lurking there.

Keeping your office space clean and free of these hazards will make it easier for your tenants and workers to stay healthy. This means fewer sick days, which can increase worker productivity.

4. High Quality, EPA-Approved Cleaning Supplies

A quality professional janitorial service offers more than just the basics. You can also count on them for deep cleaning services and more. A professional service will have access to more supplies and better equipment than you likely have in your office cupboards.

Quality companies like Sentral Services also ensure they are not using harmful chemicals in their cleaning processes. Using safe chemicals for the environment is safer for your tenants and staff and will protect your building’s surfaces and furnishings from getting damaged during cleaning. These types of cleaning agents also repel dust, which helps keep surfaces cleaner longer. 

At Sentral Services, we are also proactive about using the most effective chemicals that follow EPA guidelines and that are Eco friendly. We also are trained how to use them properly. If you disinfect too much, for instance, it will start to erode surfaces, making them feel slimy even after they're cleaned.

Having access to the proper equipment and products is one thing—using those tools effectively and at the right frequency is what takes a cleaning service from “just okay” to “excellent.”

5. Trust and Communication

There is nothing worse than working with a company you don’t trust - especially when that company has the keys to your business! But communication lapses, missed deadlines, and broken promises are all too typical in the commercial cleaning industry. Many building managers have been burned by a janitorial company that doesn’t follow through. 

That’s why, in our book, the number one factor that sets a quality janitorial service apart from the pack is a solid communication plan and a guarantee that you can trust. Finding a commercial cleaning company with excellent service means you get a reliably clean building instead of a regular headache. 

Commercial Janitorial Services Offer Surprising Benefits

We all know that janitorial services clean buildings, but the truth is they offer so much more than that in terms of long-term effects. By just signing on with the lowest bidder for your commercial cleaning services, you may be sacrificing the key benefits listed in this article and more. 

Are you interested in happier, healthier tenants, making an excellent first impression, and saving money in the long run? Then it might be time to explore hiring a new commercial janitorial service for your building.

Find out more about how Sentral Services can help your business by requesting your free custom cleaning proposal today!

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Published by Sentral Services November 3, 2021

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