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By Sentral Services on December 28, 2021

How To Find Quality Janitorial Services for Your Office Building

A bad experience with a company you’ve hired to provide a service can leave a bitter taste in your mouth. And when it comes to the cleanliness of your offices and buildings, commercial cleaning and janitorial services that are inconsistent, unprofessional, and unreliable cause more problems than they solve.

Not all commercial cleaning companies are the same, and hiring high-quality janitorial services shouldn’t be overwhelming or burdensome. There are reliable and professional companies eager to provide stellar service, and we’ll show you what that looks like.

We’ll highlight what you should be looking for and how you can hire with confidence.


What do Quality Janitorial Services Provide?

To take the stress out of hiring quality janitorial services, there are elements you can look out for that will determine whether the company you’re considering working with is worth it or not.

Professional janitorial services excel through exceptional customer service, highly-trained workers, excellent communication, and quality assurance.

We will highlight what the best janitorial services provide, and after you read this article, you’ll be ready to take the next step: securing quality janitorial services.

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#1. Attention to Detail

Unlike weekly or bi-weekly office deep cleans, janitorial services should focus on everyday cleaning tasks to keep your workspace spotless and well-maintained. Regular vacuuming, restroom cleaning, dusting, emptying trash, and cleaning hard surface floors are basic expectations.

But missed corners, the wrong cleaning products, and lack of attention to detail can harm the productivity of your employees. Further, 89% of Americans believe the conditions of a workplace restroom are one indicator of how a company values its workforce.

If your workforce sees you’re making an effort to value their health and wellbeing, they’re more likely to be productive.


#2: Use of the Right Equipment and Products

Quality janitorial services provide their team with the right equipment for any situation and stay up to date with the latest cleaning technology to ensure your building is cleaned correctly. You can ask the company you’re thinking of hiring about the tools they provide.

Many cleaning solutions are harmful to the environment and carry an electric charge that attracts dust. Volatile organic compounds can affect indoor air quality and add to outdoor smog. Also, many containers are not made from recyclable materials and often end up in landfills.

Green products are better for the environment. They clean the building with less indoor air pollution, and many feature reusable packaging, so your team can enjoy an environment that’s safe, clean, and odor-free.

A company that cares about the health and safety of its employees and cares about the environment is conscious and forward-thinking.


#3: Processes You Can Rely On

To work efficiently, cleaning teams should be dependable, well-organized, and thorough. A collaborative process and good communication provide you and the cleaning company with a clear strategy for your business and cleaning needs.

You’ll need a clear cleaning schedule that outlines cleaning processes created to cause minimal disruption to meetings and other business.

Quality janitorial services have a standard system and best practices developed from years of experience in commercial settings. Every clean should follow the same process and tasks recorded so that nothing is overlooked.


#4. Professionalism

Quality janitorial service companies affiliate themselves with professional organizations and associations. They’ll have the relevant certificates and stay updated with the latest industry developments.

The professionalism of the janitorial team plays a role here, too. They must display a high level of professionalism and take pride in their work while being prepared for any situation.


#5. Communication is Key

Clear communication starts when you reach out to a cleaning company to inquire about their janitorial services. Are they accommodating? Do they have a process that begins with a custom proposal (including site visits)?

Communication hiccups usually revolve around scheduling issues. From the get-go, you should know your schedule, what you expect from janitorial services, and find a company willing to accommodate.

Companies that care about customer service will be reachable and have a dedicated point of contact ready to answer any questions or concerns. They’ll be open to frank conversations about your expectations and handle complaints professionally.


#6: They Will go Above and Beyond

If a company is willing to audit your site and get a feel for your business and culture, that shows a level of care above average. Additionally, if they include recommendations for valuable services you haven’t thought about, it’s a sign that they will go above and beyond to provide an excellent service.

If they’re willing to be flexible with schedules to have the least impact on your business hours, that’s another sign of superior service.

A great company doesn’t just do the job to get paid; they understand that they need to be proactive and build relationships.


Quality Janitorial Services Play the Long Game

If a company provides a high-quality janitorial service, communicates well, and has a fantastic reputation, they build trust with their clients.

Sentral Services prides itself on clear and fluid communication, quality assurance, and proven processes to provide excellent service you can rely on.

Don’t let fixed services determine your building’s cleanliness; get a free quote today.

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Published by Sentral Services December 28, 2021

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