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Established in 2007, Sentral began with a concentration on contract cleaning and commercial real estate-related services. Our focus was, and continues to be, on three very important relationships: that with our clients, our team members, and the environment—what we call the Sentral Tri-Focus. As part of the Tri-Focus, at any given time, one of the three may take precedence over the other two.  At the same time, without focus on all of these, we cannot function properly.

Our approach to business is based on W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne’s Blue Ocean Strategy; namely, we are striving to continually innovate ourselves, creating an uncontested marketplace of greatness within our industry. How do we do this? By hiring and retaining hardworking and knowledgeable people and reliably training them to offer the newest and most efficient and green cleaning techniques and products, all the while setting attainable goals and growing the business at a controlled and manageable rate.


Committed to Each Other, Committed to You.

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The Blue Ocean Strategy plays a pivotal role in our company. In an effort to share our thought process regarding our approach, we’d like to communicate the high-level Blue Ocean company strategy that can be broken down into four steps:

  1. Remove elements that may be taken for granted by our industry and add no perceived value to our customers.
  2. Lessen items well below our standard to avoid crowding superior products with mediocre ones.
  3. Elevate factors well above our industry’s standard so clients never have to make concessions.
  4. Seek out new ways to add value that our industry has never offered, whether it be in delivery, products, or services.

Our client retention record speaks volumes, where, over the course of almost ten years, we have negotiated roughly eighty percent of our contracts and lost less than ten percent. We do what we say, we keep it simple, and we exceed requirements and expectations. Our unique philosophy and ability to see things from our clients’ perspectives provide strong relationships and long-term service compatibilities.

Our ultimate goal is to take the stress and responsibility of janitorial services (things such as tenant needs, property issues, budget restrictions, etc.) out of your hands and manage these tasks for you—all while minimizing impact and maximizing communication. We strive, through experience and evaluation, to put ourselves in the seats of our clients, and eliminate waste of product, service, and time.

Our People

We realize the importance of “please” and “thank you,” and recognizing the good work of the members of our team. We value creativity, hard work, and loyalty. As a company, we have instated a “Pin” program where team members can achieve different levels of recognition, to distinguish higher standards of innovation, length of service, and support of the company’s ideals. We believe positive recognition is one way to sustain a motivated group of team members.

What is important to our team members is important to us. For example, we want to ensure each member of our team is praised or recognized for good work and knows:

  • What is expected of them at work;
  • They have the correct materials and equipment to use to do the job right;
  • They shouldn’t have to seek out opportunities to do their best work: they should be given to them on a continual basis;
  • Their supervisor, or someone at work, cares about them and encourages their growth and progress;
  • Their opinions matter; and
  • All members of their team are committed to quality work.

Often, Sentral will provide pizza and drinks to a cleaning crew, at no cost additional to our clients, as a thank-you for them doing just a little more for you. Annually, we have a company picnic to celebrate the achievements of our team members with all of our families and friends. It is no secret that being a janitor is not a glamorous job. The work is hard. The hours are mostly late in the evening, early in the morning, or on weekends. We believe janitorial service is an honorable profession, and we treat our team members accordingly.


Strength in Numbers.

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Engaged in Work, Engaged in the Community

Charities & Organizations:

At Sentral, we realize the importance of social responsibility, and are honored to work with some extraordinary charities, associations, and organizations. Our hope is that our work not only impacts the environment as a whole, but touches lives in each of our communities as well. Below are some of our partners in this effort.

Druid Hill Park Public Swimming Pool

We support this public pool, which is managed by the Department of Recreation and Parks of the City of Baltimore, and features a park pool and wading pool. Our recent work included restoring the pool house and picnic tables at the pool.

The League for People with Disabilities, Inc.

Sentral has partnered with BOMA Baltimore to provide resources for this exemplary agency, one that is committed to offering individuals with disabilities opportunities to gain independence.


In conjunction with BOMA, we sponsor this literary empowerment advocacy program, which cultivates the educational enrichment of our youth.

CREW Baltimore

Sentral partners with CREWBaltimore to provide educational and networking opportunities for women in all disciplines of commercial real estate.

Woodhome Elementary/Middle School #205

Sentral’s work has included supporting the efforts of building a new state-of-the-art playground for this school.

Moveable Feast

Two-part efforts for this event include collecting non-perishable foods and then making baked good and decorating packaging to distribute with Thanksgiving meals.

Our Daily Bread

We volunteer annually with this Catholic Charities’ program, serving lunch to 1,200 homeless in Baltimore.

Healthcare for the Homeless

We work in a multitude of ways to help Baltimore’s homeless move toward better health and stability.


  • BOMA
  • AOBA
  • IFMA
  • CREW

We know our stuff, and look forward to sharing what we know with you.

For more thorough details on our other processes, please contact a member of our team.

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