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Construction Cleaning

First Class Construction Cleaning

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Sentral Services Construction Cleaning
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Give Your Project
The Look It Deserves

There's a lot to consider in Custodial Cleaning. You're restricted by budget, scope, and time, but that doesn't mean you need to sacrifice quality with the company you hire. 

You need a team that's flexible, committed, and well-trained—one that delivers more bang for your buck. 

That's the right way to finish a project—clean, safe, and left with a shine. 


Process-Based Cleaning for Rapid Results

Without the right processes, you won't get the right results. 

All our team members are certified in OSHA 10 or OSHA 30, and wear required PPE for each job site. We assign the right team size to the task, and then we kick off our three-stage process: 

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1. Site Preparation

We'll remove all the debris that was left behind, including lumber, metal, and other materials. This saves you time and resources, giving you the freedom to focus on other tasks.

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2. Professional Cleaning

Your building will then be cleaned with best practices proven successful over hundreds of sites. We'll maintain your floors, windows, fixtures, and anything else found in our Janitorial Services

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3. Finishing Touches

With environmentally friendly cleaners, your building will be safe and free of harsh chemical odors. And when the building's doors open, we'll ensure your lobby sparkles. 



Sentral Services is the only cleaning service that implements the CARE Methodology, delivering dependable, impressive results, while keeping you continually informed. 

With our Custodial Cleaning, you get:

  • Communication that’s clear with constant updates on progress
  • Assurance that your project will be clean and safe for presenting or transferring to the owner
  • Replicated best practices that deliver outstanding results every time
  • Elevation of your jobsite to a place that's safe, clean, and worth sharing

You deserve the highest quality of service. Our methodology guarantees it.

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Don't Wait

Construction cleaning may not be a priority at the start of a project, but when the time comes, it could be all that separates you from completion.

You shouldn’t have to struggle to find a team that meets your budgets and needs. 

Request a proposal now to be one step closer to a stress-free post-construction.

Don't let fixed services determine your building's cleanliness...
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