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CARE Framework

The CARE Commercial Cleaning Framework

A framework to achieve a higher standard of clean without the added effort.

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  • C
    Consistent and fluid communications to create a shared understanding of your project's status.
  • A
    Peace of mind, so you can focus on the tasks you need done and leave the cleaning to the professionals.
  • R
    Agile, repeatable best practices that lean to spotless facilities while remaining on-budget.
  • E
    Healthier cleaner facilities maintained with modern solutions and technological advances.

Maintain Your
Facility with CARE

The CARE Methodology prioritizes the best processes and products to embrace the modern science and technology of cleaning. delivering an immaculate, safe, and healthy environment.


The Benefits of Running Your Facility With CARE



Done For You Icon

Done For You

It reduces your time spent managing janitorial staff.
On-Budget Icon


It delivers cleaning jobs on-time and on-budget.
Eco-Friendly Icon


It uses environmentally friendly products and processes.
Attention to Detail Icon

Attention to Detail

It provides a safe, healthy workplace for employees.

The Sentral Services
CARE Methodology


To ensure your building is well-cared for, communication must be consistent and fluid. Maintaining this high level of communication requires several critical components:

Quick Response Time:
Whether you have a question or an urgent cleaning request, our professional staff can respond quickly and effectively. 

Experienced Staff:
With a staff that has the right level of expertise, and an understanding of your needs, you'll see how well your building can be maintained.  

Consistent Updates:
Your assigned team should provide consistent updates about how projects are progressing, especially when unexpected issues pop-up and could impact results or deadlines.


When you have peace of mind, you can spend less time worrying about the cleanliness of your facility and more time on other initiatives. Assurance comes down to:

Earned Trust:
When a job is done exceptionally well, every time, the consistency builds trust—trust that your money is well spent and your building will be well maintained.  

Reliable Staff:
Crews show up on time with everything they need to be successful. An experienced crew will always communicate blockers and set realistic expectations. 

Exceptional Management:
You hire a cleaning company to manage the job for you, not to add work for yourself. An exceptional management team will outline job requirements, allocate resources, and demonstrate professionalism while keeping you in the loop. 


Agile, repeatable processes are key to identifying waste, staying on budget, and streamlining day-to-day cleaning. To ensure your facility is spotless the best teams use:

Innovative Technology:
When you have a tool, like our app, that can track the progress of projects, you can stay informed without needing to manage everything.  

Standardized Processes:
When you operate with the same processes for facility cleaning, you have a chance to hone your craft, continuously optimizing and improving your systems. 

Time Estimates:
By replicating your processes, teams know what to do and how long it takes, helping to minimize unnecessary spend on provided services. 


When your team can work in a safe, clean space, the quality of their work improves. The best cleaning companies deliver:

Spotless Facilities:
Your facility should be noticeably clean, letting your team feel great in their environment so they can deliver their best work. 

Healthier Employees:
Exceptional cleaning companies consider what's in the supplies they use, so your team can enjoy an environment that's safe, clean, and odor-free. 

No Friction:
Your building's cleanliness should never have a negative impact on work. With a trusted team in place, predictable budget, and a consistently clean facility, operations run smoothly. 


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Our CARE Promise To You

The best employers provide a safe, healthy environment for their team to work. To maintain this high standard of cleanliness, you need more than a cleaning crew—you need a culture of communication and wellness.

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We follow the CARE methodology to deliver exceptional, consistent results, to give you and your team what you need.

Sentral Services promises we CARE. And that means every component of managing your facility's cleanliness is checked off. We see the services we provide as a method to give back to the communities that have supported us. 

Implement CARE At Your Facility

With just a few adjustments to your systems and processes, you can run the CARE framework at your facility.

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