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Disinfection Services

Safe, Reliable
Disinfection Services

Open your office with confidence. 

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Why Disinfection Services

When companies sanitize, they reduce the occurrence of bacteria and germs in an area.
Disinfection kills the bacteria. We offer 3 levels of service based on your needs. 


Re-opening Detail Sanitizing

We'll use specialized disinfectants on all horizontal surfaces and touchpoints, providing you a sanitized space after weeks of reduced or no occupancy. 



We sanitize and use new technologies to cover all affected areas, leaving a residual disinfectant that continues to kill viruses for up to an additional 4 hours. 


COVID-19 Positive Disinfecting Response

We cover all affected areas with disinfection technology to protect our team members. Then, we deliver a two-step cleaning and disinfecting service that kills the virus and allows you to reopen your doors in confidence.

10 Questions to Ask Before You Purchase Disinfection Services

Keep your building safe and your team healthy by asking the right questions before you hire...


EPA Validation

Under guidelines from the CDC, we only use products approved by the EPA to kill Coronavirus. You can find these items on List N of the EPA website

Cleaning Your Office

With our preventative Cleaning & Decontamination Services you get:

  • clear and fluid communication so you're always informed
  • assurance that your facility will meet your standard of cleanliness recommended by the CDC
  • our proven processes replicated to streamline services and reduce waste
  • results elevated by better equipment, better-trained teams, and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions

You deserve the highest quality of service. Our methodology guarantees it.

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