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Over time, we’ve developed processes for everything. Our clients benefit from these methods in more ways than one. Our processes enable us to provide greater efficiency, greater team satisfaction through collaboration and best practices, and full transparency of all activities throughout our organization. But a supreme benefit is that of one of our benchmarks: safety.

Whether speaking to cleaning compliance, business management, the way we hire or do background checks through E-Verify (which allows us to determine the eligibility of our employees to work in the U.S.) or even how we transmit emails, we have our processes in place.

For example, we can talk about our communications process: In any industry where service is paramount to your success, the communication of accurate and timely information is critical in allowing all responsible parties to react to ever-changing priorities and circumstances. At Sentral, we take pride in our communication systems. We designed our process to provide our clients with fast and easy access to our team. We manage the process so you don’t have to.

Training & People

We continually train our teams.

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For each of our projects, Sentral provides a custom email address to enable the speedy dissemination of information to our client, tenants, operations staff, and any other party that you deem necessary. The purpose is simple: we want to be able to accurately and appropriately respond to your needs.

Each Sentral manager and supervisor is equipped with a smart phone complete with email capabilities. These phones provide the means to stay informed about important, perhaps critical, information in his or her area of responsibility (i.e., your facility). 


Sentral employs technology to further our processes.

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As a result, the cycle-time to respond to any messages is greatly reduced. A custom email address and associated distribution list allows faster responses to keep everyone on the list in the loop while Sentral manages the process. Our goal is to allow our operations staff to keep informed and take less of the clients’ time in the process.

For example, your custom e-mail and distribution list could look like this:

In addition to this useful tool we can provide a sample nightly/weekly report that will be sent to you via the email distribution list daily or weekly. The goal is to provide the client with useful information to maintain open lines of communication.

Training & People

Continuously Education, Continuously Evolving

We continually train our teams in safety (SDS/OSHA – the new version recently introduced); personal protection (goggles, gloves, etc.); tools and processes (classroom training), and management (The One-Minute Manager, for example). Sentral supplements these approaches with our training management consultant, who performs face-to-face and on-the-job training, using custom videos and Sentral’s own hard-copy manuals for cleaning and supervisors.

Employment Opportunities

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Embracing  Ease in Technology

Sentral employs technology such as virtual servers and tablets to further our processes and aid in reporting and maintaining checklists and statuses for completion at job sites. We utilize electric time punch in/out and the Time Vantage cell phone app to ensure accountability, with a nightly report generated so we know exactly where we stand the next morning.

We’re also pleased to introduce a new interface that allows our employees to optimize their time in the field. And, so that invoices and payment don’t get lost in the shuffle, we electronically invoice our clients to efficiently keep paperwork and steps to complete to a minimum.

We know our stuff, and look forward to sharing what we know with you.

For more thorough details on our other processes, please contact a member of our team.

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