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By Sentral Services on November 10, 2021

How to Choose the Right Professional Janitorial Services

Imagine this: you've just hired a new janitorial service, and they're a terrible fit. The service is inconsistent, the employees unprofessional, the results lackluster at best. What a nightmare! How can you prevent this from happening?

Choosing the right professional janitorial service is incredibly important for the reputation and image of your business, and it doesn't have to be overwhelming. There are undoubtedly some unreliable companies out there, but not all commercial cleaning companies are the same. There are strong, reliable janitorial companies who would be eager for your business; the trick is finding the right one for you.

In this post, we will explore several things you need to consider when shopping around for a new commercial cleaning service. Together, we'll make sure you are equipped with all the information you need to avoid the struggle of hiring a janitorial service that doesn’t meet the mark. 

Choosing the Right Professional Janitorial Services For Your Business

Sentral Services has been in the business of professional cleaning for over fifteen years, and in that time, we’ve seen it all. In professional janitorial services, poor customer service, inconsistent communication, and unreliable systems are all too common. How can you avoid these issues and find an affordable service that is a diamond in the rough?

We will outline some of the "Red Flags" and "Green Flags" of professional janitorial services below. After you read this article, you should be able to tell when a cleaning company will keep their word and when they’ll be nothing but trouble - before you sign the contract. Let’s dive deeper into what makes an excellent cleaning service great and what makes the rest not-so-great.

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Red Flags of Professional Janitorial Services 

What do we mean by “red flags”? In this post, “red flags” refer to warning signs - things you may see in your hunt for a new commercial janitorial service that could be a sign of a rough road ahead. If the company you’re researching has any of these problems, think twice about moving forward with their services.

No Quality Assurance Plan

A high-quality professional janitorial service will always have a plan to make sure their customers are satisfied with the cleanliness of their building. For example, Sentral Service’s CARE Framework is a plan designed to set a client’s mind at ease - a guarantee that lets you know the service you’re partnering with will consistently produce quality results.

If the service you’re considering doesn’t have a plan to guarantee results and manage their staff, that means you'll have to, in which case, why did you hire the company in the first place?

Unclear or Inconsistent Pricing 

Lack of certainty is never a good thing, especially when it comes to finances. When looking to hire a professional cleaning service, you want to know what you’ll pay and what is included in that price.

Any reputable company knows their rates, how they arrived at these numbers, and why they're necessary for exceptional delivery of services.

When discussing a cleaning proposal, the company should be transparent about the costs and margins, allowing you to judge if their rates are worth what they're offering.

Suppose a company is unclear on pricing; that likely means one of two things. Either they're inexperienced, or they are hiding costs on purpose. Neither of these options will be good for your business. 

No Tested Process for Following Regulations 

Working for a professional janitorial service can mean working with equipment and working in environments that can be hazardous. This means that cleaning services are required to follow OSHA regulations for employee safety. A quality professional service will have a tested and accurate plan to comply with all relevant regulations, ensuring that the work environment is safe for both your employees and theirs.  

If a cleaning service doesn't acknowledge these cleaning regulations through a formal process, they may not be complying with OSHA... and some of that liability could fall on you. 

Poor Communication 

Do you feel like you're playing "phone tag" with the company you’re researching for your professional janitorial services? Maybe you have asked them for a quote twice with no response, or perhaps it always takes a few nudges to get a message back. Think about it this way: If they're nonresponsive when they're trying to win you over as a customer, imagine how nonresponsive they'll be once you've signed a contract.

Quality professional cleaning companies care about the service they are providing to their customers. Check for a customer service policy or plan on their company website, or ask to see their communication plan. If they don’t have a solid answer for you, you need to keep looking. 

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Green Flags of Professional Janitorial Services 

“Green flags" are the exact opposite of red flags. “Green flags” are aspects of a company you may see in the research process that should set your mind at ease and make you excited to partner with them.

Think of these as items on a checklist - if a company meets all of these (and more!), they might just be the right professional janitorial company for you.

They Provide References 

Does the service you’re researching have a list of satisfied clients on their company website? Can they point to the businesses they’ve worked with and confidently say, “yes, they are satisfied with our services, ask them yourself!”? If so, this is a great sign.

Check out some of the clients we work with on the Sentral Services homepage.

A company that is willing to provide you with references is most likely a company that isn't looking to hide a history of shoddy performance. Get in touch with these references and check to see how happy they were with the services of this janitorial company, just to make sure. 

They Have Experience in Your Industry

When it comes to cleaning needs, not all industries are created equal. Has the cleaning service you're looking into worked with clients in facilities like yours before? Do they have the training and experience necessary to meet the health code requirements for your industry, if necessary? If not, you may need to keep looking for a service with a little more experience in your line of work. 

They are Fully Transparent 

You don't want to work with a company that keeps secrets from you, so the more open they are to answer your questions, the better. Quality companies are not only willing to answer questions - they’re eager! What better way to make sure a new client will be a good fit than by having a frank conversation about expectations upfront?

In addition to pricing information, be sure to ask each service you consider what kind of equipment they use, how their staff is trained, and whether or not they are insured. The more transparency you encounter early on in the process, the more likely you will know what to expect from the service down the road. 

They Understand (and Offer) the Services You Need 

Lastly, it is a major "green flag" if the company you are considering can use their expertise to look for opportunities to save money or make sure you're getting the services your building needs. 

Suppose a janitorial service offers a quote that includes recommendations for valuable services you didn’t even realize you needed for your building. This is a sign that they will go above and beyond throughout the length of your contract.

A good company will take the requested job at face value and get paid. A great company understands that they must be proactive. 

Great cleaning companies go the extra mile by providing value outside of the initial building requirements. Building managers are experts and know their buildings the best, but commercial cleaning companies can help them see things from a fresh perspective, and make recommendations for additional services they know will make your building shine.

Choosing the Right Professional Janitorial Services

Choosing the right professional janitorial services can feel overwhelming. Still, by following the green flags and avoiding the red ones, you should be able to find a quality, high-reputation company that will provide you with the services you need and more.

Sentral Services has the experience necessary to service your building. Not only that, but we know that when it comes to cleaning services, people come first. We are interested in building long-term relationships with our clients through trust, excellent communication, and quality results. To find more about all our green flags, request a free custom cleaning proposal today!

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Published by Sentral Services November 10, 2021

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