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By Sentral Services on July 07, 2021

Commercial Deep Cleaning Services Rates and Variables for 2021

The cost of deep cleaning services should be straightforward, but yet many are confused about what it entails. Keeping your space clean from dirt and grim and reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 shouldn’t be complicated, neither should prices. But how do you know if you’re getting a good deal or are getting charged too much?  

You could base the rates against companies in the area, but the level of expertise and the way each cleaning company provides its services are different. And now, with the ever-changing cleaning regulations, cleaning companies must operate at a higher level to ensure that employees are safe at the office. 

Either way, you need to understand why you’re paying these rates if you expect not to be taken by surprise. In this article, we’ll cover the critical factors that will influence cleaning service prices for 2021. While the actual cost depends on the configuration of your space and type of service, it’s not hard to get a ballpark figure if you’re aware of the following variables. 

Deep Cleaning Services: Pricing for Commercial Projects 2021

When evaluating deep cleaning services like regular and advanced disinfection, not all are the same. The recent pandemic has raised the standards of the entire industry by changing the type of chemicals used, cleaning schedules and procedures, and the frequency of training to stay current with the latest safety protocols. 

Everyone must do their part in keeping their employees and visitors safe when in the office or facility. Recently, disinfection services that kill and prevent the spread of dangerous pathogens have been integral in maintaining safety in the workplace. 

Ten years ago, commercial cleaning services focused primarily on day-to-day office cleaning. Nowadays, cleaning companies must have experience using cutting-edge tools and implementing an emergency response when necessary.

Get your custom cleaning proposalThe recent shutdowns and reopening of many businesses have created a paradigm shift in the cleaning and working world. Property managers and business owners rely on sanitation and advanced disinfection services to create a healthy environment for their staff and patrons, along with regular janitorial services.  

As you imagine, these factors have impacted pricing. The following points will give you a realistic idea of how these factors have changed commercial deep cleaning service rates.

Office Size

The size of your office is one of the significant factors that determine the overall price of services. Do you need a large room cleaned or multiple small rooms? What’s the layout? Is it an open space, or is there lots of furniture to navigate around? 

Medical campuses and large offices have a multitude of rooms that all vary in size. There’s lab equipment, computers, fax machines, break rooms, bathrooms, multiple levels. As a general rule, the more rooms, the more expensive it is, requiring extra crew, chemicals, and equipment to complete the service. 

The national averages of commercial cleaning services range from $124 for 0-1,000 sq. ft, all the way up to $880 for spaces 9,000-10,000 sq. ft. The hourly rates for professional cleaners range from $25 to $90, with $39 being the average. This article covers more about average commercial cleaning rates based on square footage. The rates mentioned are helpful benchmarks, but they are relatively one-dimensional. 

At Sentral Services, most of our clients prefer long-term service and require both janitorial and commercial deep cleaning. The needs of each facility are unique, which is why there’s no cookie-cutter way to estimate a project without a thorough walkthrough from a cleaning professional. Luckily, it’s easy to get a custom cleaning proposal for your space.  

Cleaning Schedule

Another fact that contributes to the price of services is how much traffic you have coming into your facility. Do you receive lots of visitors or patrons, or is it an office with only a handful of employees? The more people you have coming in and out of your space will require a higher cleaning frequency.

Commercial buildings open five days a week typically need cleaning services every day to maintain quality standards. If hundreds of people use the bathrooms and common areas every week, regular deep cleaning is a must. 

It’s helpful to assess your weekly and monthly foot traffic to get accurate cleaning service prices. The higher volume will require a more frequent cleaning schedule. It’s important to note that you won’t need advanced disinfection services every week, but it will be a regular part of your cleaning expenses. 

Commercial cleaning companies partner with you to create a custom plan for routine and advanced cleaning services. It takes a skilled expert with experience in technical and general cleaning to provide a cleaning schedule you’ll need to maintain a clean and healthy environment. 

Cleaning Areas

The amount of cleaning areas determines how much work is involved. If you have a handful of bathrooms, that makes it a faster job for a cleaning crew to manage. Buildings with multiple floors and bathrooms with a high count of stalls will require more time to clean correctly.

A skilled cleaning crew will pay close attention to door handles, toilet flushers, and counters. These areas are the most common places for pathogens to collect. They will assess the areas that are most at risk and provide expert treatment. 

Aside from counters, desks, and handles, floor care cleaning is a significant variable for janitorial services. Your facility could be primarily carpet requiring routine vacuuming or tile, wood, or stone. Each flooring type requires a different procedure to clean propyl. Your cleaning provider will be able to recommend which techniques will clean each floor most effectively. 

The number of windows also plays a role in the total price. Commercial storefronts with large windows are relatively straightforward to clean. But think of the facilities on a medical campus with hundreds of windows per building. It takes time to travel between multiple levels, adding to the cleaning crew’s overall time to complete a detailed service.   

Services Needed

Not long ago, commercial deep cleaning services were primarily day-to-day activities like mopping or vacuuming. However, the recent pandemic has changed the industry entirely, making advanced cleaning services a necessary component of the cleaning plan. In general, your facility will need a variety of services to stay clean and safe. 

Many businesses have added sanitation and disinfection to their recurring services to ensure that their office environment is safe for employees and visitors. These services work together to reduce the number of germs in your space by sanitizing the common area. 

Disinfection takes it a step further by killing germs and pathogens, ensuring that they don’t remain on the surface of the high-touch regions.

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Advanced services like these will impact the budget required to meet current CDC cleaning regulations. You can learn more about the effects of cleaning regulations here

You’ll never know when you may need specialty services like emergency disinfection. These services are not inexpensive, but settling for a company that is “cheaper” without a track record of proven experience handling COVID-19 related emergencies is putting more than your money at risk. 

Cleaning Service Is a Partner in Safety

The rates and variables listed in this article will help you determine the overall cost of commercial deep cleaning services for your space. Coming up with estimates on your own is only the beginning. You’ll need to contact a commercial cleaning company to provide you with a detailed cleaning plan unique to your space.

Keeping your facility clean for employees and meeting the latest cleaning regulations is an ongoing job. It requires a skilled staff who are trained experts at their craft and will treat your business as their own. The right commercial cleaning service will become a trusted partner, helping you focus on your priorities while leaving the cleanliness and health of your space to professionals that take full ownership of their work. 

At Sentral Services, we’ve helped many businesses open after the pandemic and stay on the cutting edge of the cleaning industry. As you know, it’s pretty easy to scrub a counter or mop a floor. What makes us different is how we clean, using our proven CARE methodology with each one of our clients.

We look forward to providing a free custom cleaning proposal for your office.

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Published by Sentral Services July 7, 2021

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