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By Sentral Services on April 28, 2021

Regular vs. Advanced Disinfection Services: What’s the Difference?

Are you doing everything you can to keep your employees or tenants safe? If you already have your building or office cleaned regularly, that’s a good start. But there is another step you can take to heighten your level of safety.

Disinfection services have been a standard service for reputable cleaning companies for years. They help mitigate the spread of germs and viruses, especially during cold and flu season.

With the pandemic, advanced disinfection services have become vital to keeping employees and tenants safe. Because of the virus’s nature, quality cleaning services have instituted more advanced cleaning and disinfecting techniques.

As a business owner or a property manager, you want to ensure maximum safety for employees or tenants. This article will dive into what regular and advanced disinfection services are, what each includes, and the best use cases for each.

Why Advanced Disinfection Services are Important

Disinfection services are crucial to keeping your employees and tenants safe. If they become sick, you lose both their productivity and their trust. 

You cannot leave disinfection services to inexperienced companies. Many basic janitorial service providers have added disinfection services as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. But not all of them truly understand the CDC guidelines and regulations for processes and chemicals that kill the virus. 

It’s essential to use a provider like Sentral Services for your disinfection needs. We've been helping companies with building disinfection long before COVID-19. We understand CDC requirements and WHO recommendations for all crisis disinfection services. 10 Questions to Ask Before You Purchase Disinfection Services

What are Disinfection Services?

The goal of disinfection services needs to be more than just removing general dirt and grime. It should ensure the space is free of all potential pathogens and viruses. 

Sometimes, customers may mistake disinfection services for essential janitorial services. Janitorial services that keep your business clean and remove trash are crucial to your business's operation. However, disinfection services are more about the health of your tenants and employees.

Disinfection Tactics Used

Specialized disinfectants are used to ensure all horizontal surfaces, such as tables and counters, are sanitized and ready for your customers and tenants. Other high-use surfaces like door handles and card readers are key focal points to ensure your space is clean. 

Best Use Cases for Disinfection Services

General disinfection services provide broad-stroke coverage for your office or residential space. 

During cold and flu season, this basic service is one way you can provide tenants with peace of mind. You can also provide basic disinfection throughout the year as a preventative measure.  

What are Advanced Disinfection Services? 

Advanced disinfection services are a level above standard disinfection services. They offer a targeted approach to a specific situation. 

For example, if an employee tests positive for COVID-19, an advanced disinfection service would be able to come into your building and disinfect areas the employee was in to discourage the virus’s spread. 

Only specific cleaning solutions can kill viruses like COVID-19, and not all disinfection service providers are aware of the strict sanitization guidelines put out by the CDC. It is imperative now more than ever to hire a company with expertise on exactly which chemicals will accomplish your facility’s goals.

Disinfection Tactics Used

Any trace of lingering viruses is eliminated using new disinfection technologies and CDC-recommended sanitizing solutions. While prompt response and action are essential, the CDC recommends waiting as long as possible after the infected person has left the building to begin sanitization. This waiting period prevents droplets from spreading as quickly to any other tenants or employees still present. 

The first step is to cover all affected areas with our disinfection technology to protect our team members. Then, a two-step cleaning and disinfecting service kills the virus. 

We also use a residual disinfectant that continues to kill viruses for up to four hours after application to ensure as safe an environment as possible. The goal is not just to kill viruses currently present but to try and future-proof your space as much as possible. 

Best Use Cases for Advanced Disinfection Services 

Advanced disinfection services are used primarily during times of great need. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it important for your business to respond quickly when someone tests positive. However, advanced disinfection is also useful when flu or other outbreaks happen.

Advanced disinfection services can also help businesses reopen faster and allow employees to safely return to work following a positive outbreak of any virus. These extremely in-depth and detailed services provide you with a clean workplace and help your employees or tenants feel more at ease. 

Regular vs. Advanced Disinfection Services: Which Do You Need? 

Which service you need is entirely dependent on what your end goal is. Regular disinfection services are fantastic for routine upkeep and sanitization of your property, while advanced disinfection services are often significantly more targeted toward a very specific need. 

Disinfection services can vary drastically depending on the provider. Traditional cleaning won’t be enough. You need someone that genuinely understands what it takes to keep your building safe.

Regardless of which option you opt for, Sentral Services offers disinfection services to meet your exact needs. You can reach out to us for a no-strings-attached custom cleaning proposal precisely tailored to your disinfection needs. 

Give your tenants and employees peace of mind — request your free custom cleaning proposal today. 

10 Questions to Ask Before You Purchase Disinfection Services

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Published by Sentral Services April 28, 2021

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