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By Sentral Services on January 05, 2022

Top Disinfection Cleaning Companies in Montgomery County MD

2020 brought to light the importance of protecting the health of your team and organization. It’s not enough to have a clean workplace; your team needs to know that professionals disinfect the building, going above and beyond to create a safe environment.

Top disinfection cleaning companies understand the core principles of disinfection that stop the spread of illness and even life-threatening diseases. COVID-19 isn’t the only illness that threatens the health of your employees.

Disinfectant cleaning services play a crucial role in keeping the doors open to your business, and they know what services best meet your needs. Which company should you go with?


Why do you Need a Disinfection Cleaning Company?

Knowing when you need to and how to disinfect your building correctly can be overwhelming. Viruses live on keyboards, mice, door handles, desk surfaces, breakroom tables, bathrooms, and carpets. Cleaning doesn’t kill the virus, but disinfecting does.

Enter the experts. 

Of course, thanks to COVID-19, several new cleaning companies have opened to capitalize on the increased demand for disinfection services. But it’s essential to choose a company with a proven process, track record, and expertise.

10 Questions to Ask Before You Purchase Disinfection Services

This article highlights the top disinfection cleaning companies in Montgomery County, MD. We’re one of them, but we want you to find the best fit for what you’re looking for.


Option #1: My Cleaning Service, Inc.

My Cleaning Service is a family-owned business based in Baltimore. They service clients in Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia. 

As one of the largest Woman’s Business Enterprises in the state of Maryland, they have well-trained, long-term employees and offer a full disinfection service using EPA-certified disinfectant products.

Clients include restaurants and churches, as well as healthcare facilities.


Option #2: Red Coats, Inc.

Red Coats Inc. is based in Bethesda, Maryland.

They service shopping malls, apartments, condos, and commercial spaces. Having grown from servicing a few accounts in 1960 with 12 employees, they now serve hundreds of customers and employ 7,500 people.

They use Electrostatic Spray Technology (EST) as it’s effective and efficient. Faster disinfection with less solution saves on chemicals and labor.

EST allows them to treat non-traditional surfaces, reduces cross-contamination, and provides 360-degree coverage.


Option #3: ABM

ABM Industries has locations all over the United States. They’ve recently joined forces with Able Services. Together they are a workforce of 140,000 people.

They work in many industries, including aviation, education, technology, and manufacturing.

Their EnhancedClean program helps facility management professionals offer building occupants safer, healthier spaces. They developed EnhancedClean alongside independent experts in infectious disease and industrial hygiene.


Option #4: Sentral Services

Sentral Services are based in Kensington, MD. We provide a custom quote for disinfection services to ensure a high-quality service that encompasses everything you need without breaking the bank.

We specialize in large office buildings and medical suites.

Our CARE methodology is a framework designed to deliver exceptional service.

Communication that’s clear and consistent helps Sentral understand what you need. Quick response time means if you have a case of COVID-19 and need an urgent clean and disinfection, professional staff can react quickly and effectively.

Assurance that disinfection will be thorough and complete. You can’t leave anything to chance when it comes to COVID-19. The best disinfection cleaning companies take care to leave your facility noticeably clean and safe with other common viruses like rhinovirus and influenza floating around.

Replication of best practices ensures you will always receive reliable and stellar service. EST might be new technology, but does it hold up against tried and tested processes?

Elevating your facility through modern solutions and technological advances leaves a visibly clean facility. The use of eco-Friendly and odor-free products (with EPA validation) leads to better productivity from your workforce. 

Attention to detail provides a safe, healthy workplace for employees. Specialized disinfectants on all horizontal surfaces and touchpoints provide a sanitized space.

New technologies cover all affected surfaces, leaving a residual disinfectant that kills viruses for up to four hours.

Finally, we provide a two-step cleaning and disinfecting service that kills the virus and allows you to reopen your doors confidently.


Don’t Rush Into a Decision

Now that you know who the top disinfection cleaning companies in Maryland are, you can decide which one fits your needs. But there’s no need to rush. 

The best companies are happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Here are 10 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Disinfection Services, so you can hire with confidence and keep your building and team healthy.

10 Questions to Ask Before You Purchase Disinfection Services

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Published by Sentral Services January 5, 2022

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