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By Sentral Services on May 05, 2021

4 Problems with Electrostatic Disinfection Services

If you’re searching for disinfection services right now, you’re not alone. Commercial disinfection services are getting a lot of attention, and for a good reason.

While searching for disinfection service providers, you may have come across the term “electrostatic sprayer” on a cleaning company website. Electrostatic sprayers are commonly used in disinfecting services. However, popular methods aren’t necessarily the best for the result you want: a clean office that’s safe for your employees delivered cost-effectively.

This article will look at what electrostatic disinfection services are, how the technology works, and some of the drawbacks of using this service for commercial disinfection. The result is that you can better evaluate disinfection providers for your office space or property.

4 Drawbacks of Electrostatic Disinfection Services

Hiring a company only because it uses a trending methodology may not be the right solution for you or your business. Many companies are deciding to offer disinfection services without experience, expertise, or knowledge of CDC guidelines or WHO recommendations. 

Many inexperienced companies are now offering electrostatic disinfection services because of the hype, but not us at Sentral Services. We are a premier commercial disinfection service provider with optimized processes we use again and again. Our results are proven, and we use the absolute best tools and equipment available (and the best people, too!). 10 Questions to Ask Before You Purchase Disinfection Services

With that in mind, here are some of the drawbacks of choosing a disinfection provider that uses electrostatic disinfection sprayers

1. Human Error

Electrostatic disinfection services leave room for humans to make mistakes. Cleaning crews can miss spots with electrostatic disinfection services. Even worse, they may forget where they have already sprayed and go over the same area again. This not only costs you more time being out of the office, but you are charged for the added material. 

If an incident of human error occurs, a less-than-stellar team may not communicate these issues with you and let you assume the project took more time and materials and leave you paying more than you were quoted originally. 

Ultimately, human error can account for a lot of money lost to waste and negligence that you won’t be able to recover. Companies using replicable methods repeatedly with accuracy are the best solution.

2. Ease of Use

Electrostatic disinfection services can also be complicated to use. The nozzles used to complete the disinfection service cannot be adjusted, making proper application difficult. 

The machines also require cords and a charge. If your crew isn’t adequately prepared, it may take longer than planned because of dead batteries. This lack of productive time means more time spent out of your office and higher costs for subpar disinfection service

Finally, there is the risk of leaks. Many electrostatic disinfection machines have connections that can leak, potentially causing damage to your office space or tenant property. 

3. Not All Surfaces are Negative

Electrostatic disinfection works because most surfaces hold a negative charge. The sprayer itself charges the disinfectant as it goes through the nozzle, creating positively-charged droplets. These droplets then find a negatively-charged surface such as a desk or tabletop and stick to it. The result is a coating of disinfectant around furniture and surfaces.

However, this disinfection method doesn’t work in case of a positive charge. “Insulator” materials, like your office furniture cushions, are not able to be adequately disinfected using this method. This means a second disinfectant is needed, which puts more of a financial strain on you and your business.  You may even need to pay for a second team to do the same work all over again. 

4. How Sentral Services Handles Disinfection Services

At Sentral Services, we provide you and your company disinfection services that are proven to work. 

Rather than following trends, we use a method that is guaranteed to get the job done. We use a handheld rolling pressure sprayer and a backpack pressure sprayer for hard-to-reach areas. Our sanitizing solutions are all based on CDC guidelines and WHO recommendations. 

Our methods ensure that there is the best possible chance for proper application and sanitization. Our processes are backed by research and ensure your company space can reopen safely and give you peace of mind. 

For Disinfection Services, Choose a Company that CARES

Sentral Services offers three levels of disinfection services depending on your company’s needs. We offer reopening detail sanitizing to ensure your business is ready to reopen, disinfecting response to significant needs. We even provide a COVID-19 positive disinfection response for severe and significant disinfecting needs. 

Regardless of which of our three services you decide on, we ensure your experience is met with the utmost CARE. What is CARE? 

CARE is the model we use to help you understand our commitment to you. We offer: 

  • Clear and fluid communication, so you're always informed
  • Assurance that your facility will meet your standard of cleanliness recommended by the CDC
  • Replication in that processes can be repeated effectively to streamline services and reduce waste, and
  • Elevated results by better equipment, better-trained teams, and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions

You deserve the highest quality of service — our methodology guarantees it. 

Curious about our services? Request your free custom cleaning proposal today. 

10 Questions to Ask Before You Purchase Disinfection Services

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Published by Sentral Services May 5, 2021

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