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By Sentral Services on February 02, 2021

What Professional Disinfecting Services Offer That Other Janitorial Services Don't

Don't cut corners when it comes to disinfecting your workspace. Professional disinfecting services is one area of business where you want to know that you’re getting what you’re paying for.

The coronavirus pandemic taught us that uncleaned workplaces could be dangerous to our health. Viruses can live on surfaces for days. Even if your entire workforce isn't in the office together all the time, contaminated workspaces can still pose a danger to their health.

Janitorial services have "added on" disinfecting services to their list of offerings. However, these services are not all created equal.

We're going to share six things professional disinfecting services should do so you can make sure you're getting the disinfecting services you need. If your current disinfecting services provider does not offer these things, it may be time to hire someone else.

6 Things Professional Disinfecting Services Should Do


The National Institute of Health says COVID-19 can stay on surfaces for days and that workspaces can be the carrier of the virus in addition to the people who come in and out. Therefore, it is essential to have all surface areas disinfected correctly on a regular basis.

Here are six things a professional disinfecting service should do if they want your business.

1. Assess Your Building for Actual Scope of Work

Every building and business is unique. Don’t get a cookie-cutter service that charges the same price for everyone, no matter what size the building is or the work scope. This approach usually ends up in a sub-par cleaning.

You want a professional disinfecting service that will take the time to understand your building, your space, and your needs. You want them to give you a customized proposal based on a professional evaluation.

2. Reopening Deep Clean

Before you open back to the public, you need to get the building ready. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting public spaces, workplaces, businesses, schools, and homes. The CDC published these guidelines for all Americans to follow, including business owners.

If you’re getting ready to reopen your business, you don’t want to simply reopen and start from scratch. A deep clean will help you get ready for the opening. You want to make sure your disinfecting service will get your business aligned with the EPA guidelines.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Resuming Business Toolkit that is beneficial to your business and your disinfection service provider.

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3. Processes and Cleanliness Consultation

Your professional disinfecting service provider can’t be there all the time. You want to make sure you hire a professional cleaning service with the expertise to train you to maintain safety and cleanliness all the time.

4. Expertise in CDC Guidelines

Did you know that the EPA provides a list of disinfectants for COVID-19? Not all disinfectants work equally, meaning not all of them will kill the virus. You need a cleaning crew that understands the EPA and CDC cleaning guidelines better than you.

Hiring a disinfecting company that doesn't know the EPA or CDC guidelines or doesn't understand specific industry regulations is likely to result in those standards not being met when they clean your building.

5. Proven, Repeatable Disinfecting Processes

When hiring a professional disinfecting service, hire a company that has a proven, repeatable disinfecting process. When paying for a service, you want to make sure you are paying for adequate use of time. They should have a streamlined process that reduces wasted time.

6. High Standards of Equipment and Training

None of the disinfectants listed on the EPA’s list for COVID-19 “are restricted pesticides, so there are no federal requirements for users to be trained, nor does EPA license companies that provide cleaning services. However, state requirements for training, certifications, and licenses vary widely, so check with your state or any local requirements.” 

While training for disinfecting services varies between states or any local requirements, companies involved in the critical work of COVID-19 disinfection should have the best equipment, the training, and expertise to do it right.

An inexperienced cleaning company is not ideal for COVID-19 disinfection services. The chances of them having the experience you need to keep your business and employees safe are nil. Instead, seek out a company that's been in the cleaning service sector and has offered professional disinfection services for several years.

Disinfecting Services You Can Trust


Disinfecting your workplace is not worth guessing or taking a chance on inferior services. The health of your employees and customers is at stake.

By choosing Sentral Services to disinfect your business professionally, you can rest easy knowing it’s cleaned with all of the best practices our company has developed over many years.

We're following the current COVID-19 EPA and CDC guidelines. We promise we won't confuse you with terms you don't understand or surprise you with costs we didn't previously discuss. Our team will create a solid plan specific to your business.

Every business we clean gets treated with our 3-step process:

  1. Request your customized cleaning proposal.
  2. We’ll send out a crew that aligns with your specific needs.
  3. Our team executes the work according to your specifications.

We also inspect the work to ensure accountability and consistent results to be sure you are getting the results you expected.

When you request your customized professional disinfecting proposal, our experts will tour your building with you. Together, we’ll determine what disinfecting services are the best fit for your space and needs.

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Published by Sentral Services February 2, 2021

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