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By Sentral Services on April 14, 2021

6 Tell-Tale Signs of Commercial Cleaning Contracts with Great Service

Now more than ever, commercial cleaning contracts are a strict necessity. There’s little room for error in finding somebody to handle your facility’s cleaning needs. However, there’s little information available about how to know you’re getting good service. 

Knowing you will get excellent service is vital when choosing a commercial cleaning provider for your property. This exceptional service is required for a variety of areas, not just in cleaning techniques. 

You need somebody who can offer top-tier customer service, explain processes to you as the employer, and most of all, use cleaning methods proven to work.

Check out the article below for our top tell-tale signs of a fantastic cleaning service and find out how you can book a cleaning service that meets all of your ever-changing needs. 

Top 6 Tell-Tale Signs of a Fantastic Cleaning Service

At Sentral Services, we know how important it is to feel a sense of trust when reviewing a commercial cleaning contract from a potential provider. We’re going to walk through six of the top signs that you are working with a great cleaning provider based on what’s in the contract they provide you.Get your custom cleaning proposal

1. Great Communication Is A Must

Having a team that can effectively communicate with you is an absolute must for a cleaning service to be considered excellent. You should never feel like you’re unsure what the process is actually like, and you should never feel any worry about not knowing about potential issues. Communication styles, preferences, and frequency should be spelled out in any commercial cleaning contract you receive. 

Sentral Services offers your team guaranteed communication across every step of the cleaning process. Whether you need updates in email form or a quick text letting you know when things come up, a good cleaning team should be able to meet all of your communicative needs. 

This is also important if service issues come up. Sometimes, things happen on-site, and the last thing you want is to find out about those issues at the last possible second.

If a team can communicate issues to you, such as finding out more cleaning chemicals are needed than anticipated and costs may be higher, you’re given as much time as possible to prepare for the eventual outcomes. 

2. They Can Explain The Process

When you’re hiring a company for your facility’s cleaning needs, you need to ensure that the company can clearly explain the cleaning process to you. As the client, you deserve to know precisely which chemicals and techniques will be used in your facility. The contract you review should cover their processes in terms you understand.

The company you hire should also be able to explain how this process affects your business. Certain chemicals need to stay on surfaces until they dry completely, which means you may need to keep business doors shut a bit longer than intended. While these details may seem mundane, it’s important to know they are included in the cleaning contract.

3. Cleaning Techniques Need To Work

This might seem obvious, but far too many companies these days are tacking on professional sanitizing solutions to regular janitorial services they offer. For you, this means if you need a solid sanitization job, some companies may not exactly cut it. 

There are strict guidelines from the CDC and recommendations from the WHO that should be followed whenever handling potentially dangerous viruses. If a company just recently added professional sanitization services to their regular offerings, they may not have the tools, knowledge, or experience to ensure your tenant and employee safety. 

If a company isn’t using the proper techniques, you could end up wasting money, too. You may find that companies are wasting products by going over spots multiple times, costing you extra cash to get the job done. Your commercial cleaning contract should detail the guidelines the company follows for sanitization and disinfection. 

4. Doesn’t Follow Fads 

One major thing a good cleaning company doesn’t do is follow the trends. Right now, many companies are offering electrostatic disinfection services, though these may not necessarily be the right sort of cleaning services for your business. 

Electrostatic disinfection can end up costing you extra money in accidentally repeated applications. The process also can be ineffective on porous surfaces like soft office furniture. 

Despite its inefficiencies, countless less-than-great companies offer this service to customers who aren’t trained to know better. They assume you’ll know the current fad and follow along with it, even if it isn’t the best option for your business. 

A good company will make sure you’re getting the services that best suit your budget and facility needs. Their cleaning contract should indicate their practices and methods evolve with research, are repeatable, and have delivered great results for other businesses and properties. 

5. Offers Multiple Packages

A great commercial cleaning contract will give you the freedom to select the levels of cleaning and disinfection services that are best for you and your business. Not every package works for every facility, and you shouldn’t be roped into paying for things your business doesn’t need. 

At Sentral Services, we offer three levels of sanitization procedures: One for touch-ups before reopening, one for more significant disinfection, and finally, one offering emergency response to severe situations, such as a positive COVID-19 case. 

A business needing a touch-up shouldn’t need to pay for an intense deep cleaning, and a company wanting a deep clean shouldn’t feel pressured to pay for routine janitorial services if they don’t need it. Your commercial cleaning contract should spell out exactly what services you are receiving and what other options are available should you need to opt-in to those at a later date.

6. Shows They CARE

A great cleaning company will consistently abide by its company mission. At Sentral Services, that mission is to CARE. We promise to: 

  • Provide consistent communication throughout your time partnered with us
  • Assure you of the project’s success and allow you to focus on your work 
  • Replicate our procedures across the board, letting you know you’ll always get top-quality work 
  • Elevate healthier and cleaner facilities with the best technology and best techniques

By abiding by our core promise, Sentral Services can ensure you’re provided with consistent care and that your company needs are met. 

Looking For Great Service? 

At Sentral Services, we offer free custom cleaning proposals, letting you hear from us what we think suits your needs the best. You’re never obligated to buy what we recommend, giving you more freedom over your hunt for the perfect commercial cleaning team. When in doubt, look for a commercial cleaning service that puts CARE into the contract. 

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Published by Sentral Services April 14, 2021

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