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By Sentral Services on February 16, 2022

How to Know When You Need Commercial Deep Cleaning Services

What’s a sign you need a deep cleaning? Spoiler alert: it’s not only when you spot a dusty shelf.

We’ve serviced many commercial clients over the years, so we’ve heard all the reasons that properties need a deep cleaning. The key to keeping your commercial property thoroughly clean is getting ahead of potential issues and problem areas.

In this article, we’ll go over exactly when what situations would prompt commercial deep cleaning service. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to proactively look for these signs and keep your commercial property in tip-top shape. In addition, you'll also proactively protect the health and safety of your occupants.


4 Signs You Need Commercial Deep Cleaning Services

Regular janitorial services help maintain adequate cleanliness levels and are essential for managing your commercial property. So what’s the difference between janitorial services and commercial deep cleaning services?

Deep cleaning services go several steps beyond the regular janitorial services offered by cleaning companies, including:

    • Cleaning of blinds, drapes, and window sills
    • Cleaning behind appliances 
    • Dusting vents, ledges, and baseboards
    • Sanitizing desks, monitors, and keyboards
    • Thorough sanitizing of toilets and all other bathroom surfaces
    • Detailing door handles, light switches, and other fixtures

But how can you tell when this level of cleaning is needed? Let’s unpack all the information you need to get started with commercial deep cleaning services.

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1. Adverse Weather Conditions

When the seasons change, so do your cleaning needs. Whether the season is bringing snow or rain, there are common situations that prompt deep cleaning services.

When it rains or snows, commercial properties often put out carpets so occupants can brush off excess debris before entering the building. In addition, commercial building occupants may be coming in with wet umbrellas and jackets that drip residue throughout your building. Rain and snow affect your whole property, specifically your high-traffic areas such as your building entrances and common areas.

During the snowy seasons, rock salt and other chemical agents are often used to melt the snow outside. When your occupants track these chemicals indoors, you may run into issues with your carpets, rugs, and other surfaces. If left uncleaned over time, these chemicals may show up as a visible white residue and could potentially damage your surfaces.

In addition to the physical toll of adverse weather conditions on your commercial property, the spread of pathogens increases during the colder months. Sanitization of workstations and other office equipment is needed tenfold to avoid the spread of pathogens and office-wide sickness during those months.


2. Contagious Outbreaks & Illnesses

Contagious illnesses such as COVID-19 and Influenza pose a serious risk to the occupants of your commercial property. Regular janitorial services help maintain a clean environment, but disinfection services are needed when contagious illnesses and outbreaks come into play.

Pathogens can lurk on hard surfaces for extended periods of time, just waiting to be passed onto someone else. Thankfully, there are best practices that disinfection service companies can implement to combat these germs.

For example, at Sentral Services we have three levels of disinfection:

    • Re-opening detail sanitization
    • Disinfecting response
    • COVID-19 positive disinfecting response

Level 1: Re-opening detail sanitization

This level of sanitization is perfect for disinfecting horizontal surfaces and touchpoints within your commercial property. If you’ve had reduced or zero occupancy for several weeks, this is a great starting point for sanitizing your space and getting ready for full occupancy after a contagious outbreak.

Level 2: Disinfecting response

For a next-level response, level two includes high-quality cleaning like level one, but we use a residual disinfectant. This disinfectant continues to kill viruses for up to four hours after application. This option is great for commercial building owners who’ve recently had an outbreak of something other than COVID-19, such as seasonal illnesses or the flu.

Level 3: COVID-19 positive disinfecting response

This is the heavy-duty option in response to a positive COVID-19 case on your property. We use a multi-step process that makes the area safe for our team members and allows you to get back to normal operations. 

When looking for cleaning services after an outbreak, be sure to ask about disinfection services. This way, your cleaning service team can appropriately treat the area with the right level of residual disinfectant instead of routine cleaning.


3. New High Traffic Areas & Touchpoints

High traffic areas and touchpoints are a breeding ground for dirt, grime, residue, and germs. When your commercial property has increased incoming traffic, that’s the perfect time for deep cleaning. If your commercial occupants have a busy season or host events, a deep cleaning is usually necessary. Another scenario where deep cleaning is commonly requested is when a new area of your property is experiencing high traffic.

Whether it’s brand new construction or a new office opening up, it’s important to keep that high traffic flooring and touchpoints in consideration. When a new part of your property opens up or becomes a point of high traffic, it’s important to communicate with your cleaning team and include this area in your janitorial and deep cleaning routine.


4. Visible Buildup Accumulates   

Maintaining proper cleanliness in your commercial space is simply a good business practice. It helps keep your commercial tenants satisfied, your property in good shape, and your occupants’ health and safety as a priority. So when dirt and grime start showing up consistently, it’s not a good sign.

Keeping a consistent, high-quality janitorial service schedule is a great way to prevent visible dirt and grime, but there are other ways to ensure your property is being cared for. By requesting commercial deep cleaning services several times a year, you’re able to get into the nooks and crannies of your commercial property to prevent any buildup on hard-to-reach areas.


How To Get The Best Commercial Deep Cleaning Services 

When it comes to commercial deep cleaning services, it’s crucial to keep policies, reputation, flexibility, and quality in mind. In addition, your commercial cleaning company should reduce the time you spend managing janitorial services, deliver on-time and on-budget work, use eco-friendly products safe for your occupants, and of course, pay close attention to detail.

If you choose a commercial cleaning company that has all the qualities listed above, you’ll be on your way to a sparkling clean facility all year round.

When you’re ready to get your free quote to see what high-quality commercial cleaning services include, we’re here to help. Let us know your preferences, so we can give you a free quote and get you set up with an in-person walkthrough. This process ensures you get the most accurate service rates possible. 

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Published by Sentral Services February 16, 2022

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