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By Sentral Services on July 01, 2021

5 Ways Professional Disinfection Services Keep Employees Healthy

With the outbreak of COVID-19, many facilities are ramping up professional disinfection services to keep their employees safe in the office. A staff member catching the virus impacts the entire building. Using various professional cleaning and disinfection services are the best ways to protect your space against potential viruses.   

In these times of uncertainty, ensuring that your office or facility is routinely disinfected is necessary for your employees' wellbeing and peace of mind. As a property manager or business owner, you want to hire a trusted company trained to combat the spread of COVID-19 and comply with the most recent cleaning regulations.

In this article, we'll cover 5 ways that disinfection services can provide a safe working environment for your employees.  

Keeping Employees Healthy with Professional Disinfection Services

At Sentral Service, we’ve seen first-hand how a disease like COVID-19 impacts business with the loss of productivity due to unexpected shutdowns.

Since the pandemic, we’ve helped many offices and commercial buildings reopen with coronavirus decontamination. Employees want to feel safe when they come into the office, but an office that looks clean is only the beginning.

Get your custom cleaning proposalEveryone plays a role in reducing the spread of disease. As a business owner and property manager, you can’t afford to cut corners with professional cleaning services as it not only damages your reputation but leads to an unsafe environment for staff and visitors.

The following points will bring you up-to-speed with how professional disinfection services are critical in maintaining a healthy space for your employees.  

1. Reduce Risk of Infection

Most employees are going back to the office or have a hybrid schedule, with a few days at home and few days at work. A focus of cleaning services is to reduce viral exposure by keeping the environment safe from pathogens. One way pathogens spread is by a person who is infected and touches a high-contact area, like doorknobs and computer keyboards.  

Most people are unaware that there are four types of pathogens, with some that can last for days and weeks on surfaces. Because pathogens stick around on surfaces for a while, it’s crucial to use chemicals that eliminate them to reduce the spread of disease. 

According to the CDC, employees, visitors, and staff can do their part by washing their hands frequently, which is the most reliable way to prevent infection. The CDC also recommends cleaning and disinfecting services to reduce the risk of infection. 

If someone who is sick forgets to wash their hands and touches a high-contact spot, it can rapidly spread to others. Professional cleaning services like disinfection play a key role in eliminating germs and pathogens on-site so that they’re less likely to live on for days. 

2. Provide Comprehensive Coverage

When most people think about cleaning an office or facility, sanitization comes to mind. The difference between sanitization and disinfection is that sanitization prevents bacteria and germs from spreading. Disinfection kills the bacteria so that it’s no longer on a surface. Both are important in maintaining a healthy workplace for employees. 

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The best companies provide broad coverage options that prevent and eliminate potential diseases and bacteria. Whether it’s medical, commercial, or residential, each industry has different cleaning requirements, all of which require specialized training and using proper chemicals recommended by the EPA.  

At Sentral Services, we have three levels of disinfection services:

  1. Detailed sanitization on high-contact touchpoints.
  2. Disinfection response with new technology that kills pathogens for up to 4 hours.
  3. Two-step cleaning and disinfecting with COVID-19 positive situations.

It takes a skilled staff to know when to implement the right strategies. We’ve fine-tuned these steps to ensure that you’re covered every step of the way.

3. Protect Against High-Contact Touch Points

Proper hand hygiene dramatically reduces the spread of disease, but it only takes one person to spread an infection. As mentioned, professional disinsection can guard against common hot spot areas like door handles, toilet flush handles, stairs, rails, and cashpoints and should be done regularly. 

There are also easily overlooked areas like appliances and light switches that a trained cleaning professional will help guard against. Working with a company that pays attention to detail for both obvious high-contact touchpoints and uncommon areas plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of germs and disease.  

4. Target Infected Areas

When there is an area that has been exposed to a pathogen like COVID-19, advanced disinfection is used to target the infected area. Cleaning professionals use advanced chemicals to kill any trace of the virus, and specialty vacuums trap and neutralize pathogens.

Coronavirus can persist on surfaces for hours and many days, depending on variables like the room temperature and surface type. In addition, the cleaning agent used to treat these areas provides ongoing protection against germs and infectious diseases. If a person touches a treated area, the organisms that thrive in humid and indoor environments like an office or medical facility are more likely to be eliminated.  

The work of EPA-approved chemicals is two-fold in preventing transmission and eliminating viruses that could otherwise fester if untreated. At Sentral Services, we follow the CDC guidelines by using products approved to kill coronavirus. You can find these items on this list.  

5. Provide Emergency Response

The cleaning industry has changed drastically due to COVID-19. Companies must stay up-to-date with the latest cleaning guidelines and train staff regularly on new technology and procedures that will keep your employees safe in the office.

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Still, many companies are not as thorough as you’d expect. They rely on the tried and true practices that have served them in the past. For a cleaning company that has served through the pandemic, it’s expensive to ensure that each employee is a master at their craft with the knowledge, tools, and skills to provide an emergency response plan when you need it.

Any business that has gone through a COVID-19 reopening knows firsthand how vital it is to keep their doors open and provide a safe place for their employees to come to work. Professional disinfection services are only one way that a cleaning company helps you achieve your business goals. Cleaning companies provide custom and detailed service plans for both routine and emergencies. 

Keep Your Business Safe from COVID-19

Any successful cleaning company that provides professional disinfection services will tell you that keeping your employees safe requires a plan. It’s two-fold, with prevention and process for handling situations as they arise. Routine cleaning and disinfection services work together to form a safe and clean space for your team members to focus on operating a productive business. 

When selecting a commercial cleaning service, it can be challenging to decide who can best serve your needs. Look for companies that will put your business first, have a track record of working with long-term clients, and will develop a customized plan for your space, and will treat you well!

At Sentral Services, what makes us unique isn’t the way we scrub a counter or spray a doorknob. We’ve built our company around a simple framework called the CARE methodology. It has guided us through the ups and downs of COVID-19 and has improved how we serve our clients.

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Published by Sentral Services July 1, 2021

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