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By Sentral Services on January 12, 2022

Commercial Office Cleaning Services: 10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring

A spotless office makes a great first impression on clients and customers. Not only that, but your employees will thank you too.

The aftermath of COVID-19 highlights the need to thoroughly clean and professionally disinfect your workplace to stop the spread of illnesses. A clean office shows your team that you care about productivity and health. Not only that, but your team wants to work in a clean office. 

There are hundreds of commercial office cleaning services, but how can you make sure you hire the right one with confidence?


Questions to Ask Before Hiring Commercial Office Cleaning Services

If you’ve used commercial office cleaning services before and they weren’t the right fit, you might be hesitant to engage with another company. That’s OK. It’s better to be diligent than rush into a decision based on the lowest price or who’s available.

Not all commercial office cleaning services are the same. Once you find a company you want to hire, you can dig a little deeper before you sign the contract. The best companies will be happy to provide proof of excellent service and should be knowledgeable and forthcoming.

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This article will highlight the questions you can ask to ensure you’re getting excellent service at a price that offers you real value.


#1. Do you Have Experience Providing Commercial Office Cleaning Services?

It matters how long a cleaning company has been in business. A great team of cleaners is experienced, and the cleaning company has built processes through trial and error. 

A company new to office cleaning might be enthusiastic, but to hire with confidence, look for local companies who are eager for your business, yet experienced in the right areas.

You can also ask for references and look at online reviews.


#2. How do you Screen Your Employees?

Companies that provide commercial cleaning services know the risks of hiring cleaners who aren’t screened. You trust the cleaning company with your offices, so potential team members must be thoroughly screened.

As well as drug use and criminal history checks for applicants, cleaning companies should ensure the cleaners are the right fit for their team and check references that show cleaning experience and trustworthiness.


#3. How do you Train your Employees?

All new team members should be trained following the same processes and protocols. For cleaners to do the best job, they will be provided with the right tools and trained to follow proven and appropriate systems.

To deliver a consistently good service, cleaners hired for office cleaning will be explicitly trained in that environment and be professional enough to handle any situation.


#4. What is Your Employee Turnover Rate?

If a cleaning company looks after its employees, it’s more likely they’ll look after their customers too. Yes, the turnover rate in the service industry is high, but like anyone, if cleaners are satisfied with their jobs, they’re more likely to stay.

The 200% turnover rate in service industries doesn’t apply to every company. The most reliable office cleaning companies follow best practices like screening new employees to ensure they’re the best fit, providing comprehensive training, providing competitive wages and benefits, and are hands-on with their team members, offering support and feedback.


#5. How do you Manage Your Teams?

Office cleaning companies should treat their team members with respect and gratitude to keep the turnover rate low. Showing warmth and appreciation to cleaning staff can positively affect morale and make them feel valued.

Team members performing well should be recognized and rewarded, even offered incentives for stellar performance.


#6. Are you Certified and Insured?

Office cleaning companies should be insured under city or state law to protect themselves and you. For peace of mind, you can ask about the following:

General Liability Insurance helps protect your business in the event of property damage or bodily injury claims due to negligence by the cleaning company.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance gives team members benefits if they get injured or become sick. Cleaning is physical and demanding, so the cleaning company should cover their team members in case accidents happen.

You can ask to see certificates and ensure your office cleaning company stays updated with new rules and regulations.


#7. Do You Run Quality Control Checks?

Quality assurance should be high on your priority list. Commercial office cleaning services should have a cleaning system engineered to provide a sanitary and healthy environment consistently.

The easiest way to ensure quality is with janitorial inspections. Safety standards should be met, and cleaning crews should uphold predetermined cleanliness levels. There is software and apps available to report and communicate the information gathered from the inspections, and the right people should be available to make adjustments as needed.


#8. Can I Communicate Problems and Expect Good Communication?

Communication should be fluid and consistent at all times, especially when you have a complaint or issue that needs to be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Look out for quick response times from the outset; how a company responds to your initial inquiry highlights how they will handle communication going forward. Equally as important is the staff with the right level of expertise to understand your needs and problems.


#9. What Are Your Rates?

Commercial office cleaning services can be a minefield to navigate. Throw huge pricing gaps into the bucket, and you’ll be more confused. Why can a company provide the same service for half the price? As tempting as it might be to go with the cheapest quote, an intelligent approach would be to find out why that company can charge so much less than others.

The best cleaning companies will provide the services you need, offer suggestions to help you save money, and make recommendations on services to help maintain your facility.

It’s worth exploring the packages your cleaning company offers and then asking all the questions above to determine if they’re legitimate or cutting corners.


#10. Do You Use Environmentally Friendly Products?

The best companies are going green, helping to save the environment and also saving you money. Green initiatives decrease energy expenses, create sustainable practices, and decrease waste.

Fewer chemicals avoid irritating your team members, increasing their trust in you and showing them that you value their health and wellbeing.


Commercial Office Cleaning Services you can Trust

Sentral Services offers different levels of service based on your company’s needs. You could choose commercial office cleaning services from the lowest bids, but you’re leaving quality to chance.

As you know, some additional research and confidence in asking the right questions help you evaluate the companies vying for your business.

The best commercial office cleaning services are happy to answer your questions and take pride in quality assurance, which we provide through our CARE methodology:

  • Clear and fluid communication helps us understand what you need.
  • Assurance that your facility will be clean, safe, and provide a healthy environment for your team.
  • Replication of best practices to ensure a reliable and stellar service.
  • Elevated results through modern solutions, well-trained crews, and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

Once you’ve asked your questions, take the next step. Our Calculating Commercial Cleaning Service Costs: 5 Step Guide highlights what to look out for so you can hire with confidence.

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Published by Sentral Services January 12, 2022

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