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By Sentral Services on December 21, 2021

Your Guide To Finding Reliable Office Cleaning Companies

Over a third of office workers consider a clean and mindful environment a deciding factor when accepting a new job. Cleanliness is a big deal, even more so after the pandemic.

Companies want their employees to be productive, and ensuring the office environment is set up for productivity is paramount. But a quick clean here and there or a less than thorough cleaning service won’t do. You’ll be frustrated, the office occupants will complain about dusty workspaces, and you’ll have to search through office cleaning companies and Google reviews again.

In this article, we’ll show you what to look for in reliable office cleaning companies, so you can get back to managing the building instead of worrying about whether it’s clean.


Reliable Office Cleaning Companies: A Guide

You would think it would be a simple process. Find a cleaning company, check out their reviews, and hire them. They might even do an OK job until you look a bit deeper. 

Missed dirt, terrible communication, and poor processes end up costing you more money to hire another company to finish the job correctly.

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Finding reliable office cleaning companies doesn’t need to feel overwhelming. Follow the steps below and hire with confidence.


#1: Know Exactly What you Need

What services do you require from your cleaning company? Some companies offer an extensive list, including window washing, floor buffing, and extensive disinfecting. Depending on your needs, you could hire a small local company eager for your business over a large company focused on the bottom line.

Once you determine your needs, it’s easier to weed out companies that aren’t the right fit. That goes for experience levels, too. 

Do the companies you’re looking at have a commercial cleaning background? Do they have the skills, training, and supplies to work in commercial spaces? Again, answering these questions narrows your search.


#2: Narrow Your Search

Find 2-3 local companies you can have excellent communication with. The key to a successful working relationship is excellent communication from the start. The right cleaning companies are eager to provide excellent customer service from the moment you approach them.

Then tap into your local network. Do others use the 2-3 companies you’ve found? Do they recommend them and even rave about their cleaning services? Reliable office cleaning companies look after the presentation and safety of your workspace, and trusted reviews from other local companies will bring you peace of mind.


#3: Know What to Look for in Online Reviews

Glowing reviews that praise cleaning companies for their punctuality, attention to detail, presentation of workers, and reliability are the ones you’re looking for.

Do they have a review on the BBB?

Look for reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. If they have less than four stars, they’re probably not worth your efforts.

It’s good practice to look for negative reviews too, so you know what to look out for when choosing a company to work with. If similar complaints come up about a company, you can address concerns from the outset.


#4: How Long Have They Been in Business?

Reliable office cleaning companies are experienced and work in spaces similar to yours. What experience do they have? What’s on their website? Look for information on their services and practices. If they have a blog, do they display expertise and knowledge?

Also, lookout for a portfolio and testimonials. You’re more likely to learn if they fit your needs if you see similar companies on their website.


#5: Get a Cleaning Proposal

Experienced office cleaning companies will prepare a custom cleaning proposal. It should be a collaborative process, and you can be specific about what you want to see in their bid.

Communicate what you consider most important for the service provided, know the schedule you need them to follow and organize a site visit.

A building walkthrough ensures that you and the cleaning company are on the same page. If a company hasn’t seen your building and talked about your needs, how can they make suitable recommendations?

How easy is it to get in touch with your point of contact? Do they ask the right questions? Are they interested in doing a thorough job? If they have a communication plan, you can move forward with confidence.

Explore all proposals, and don’t rush into a decision, even if you like the first company that impresses you.


#6: Ask the Right Questions

Now that you have a better picture of which cleaning company to hire, it’s time to ask the questions you need answering to move forward.

You can ask for references.

You’ll want to make sure they’re insured. They need at least liability insurance and Indemnities cover.

It’s essential to determine whether they use full-time or part-time cleaners and whether they’re experienced in commercial property cleaning. You could also find out their retention rate to understand how valued their employees feel.

Find out the hours they can work. The times and days. What time can cleaners operate with minimal disruption to your business? Also, discuss the order of cleaning on a room-by-room basis, and ensure cleaners have access at the appropriate times.


How to Find Reliable Office Cleaning Companies

Hopefully, you have a clear picture of what to look for and how to move forward with hiring a reliable office cleaning company. You might be tempted to forgo this process and hire the cheapest company that offers the most services, but long-term relationships are built on stellar work and excellent communication. Reliable office cleaning companies that specialize in what you need and customize your cleaning plan aren’t easy to find.

When you consider all of the above, your decision should come down to what you see as value for money. Take the guesswork out and check out our 5 Step Guide to calculating commercial cleaning service costs.

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Published by Sentral Services December 21, 2021

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