Joining Sentral Services means you become part of a team of professionals.  Our goal is to keep our employees and customers happy, and most importantly safe. We go above and beyond to provide our team members the tools, training, and support needed to not only perform your job, but excel at your job.  Our dream is to encourage everyone within our organization to look towards the future. We want to provide a company that encourages individual responsibility and the desire to grow with the company.  At Sentral, we know that the only way we can succeed in business is to hire the people who want to make a difference. We want the person who will be proud of what they do, and do it well.  We are only as good as our team. Help make us a better company.

What is important to our team members is important to us. For example, we want to ensure each member of our team is praised or recognized for good work and knows:

  • What is expected of them at work
  • They have the correct materials and equipment to use to do the job right
  • They shouldn’t have to seek out opportunities to do their best work: they should be given to them on a continual basis
  • Their supervisor, or someone at work, cares about them and encourages their growth and progress
  • Their opinions matter; and
  • All members of their team are committed to quality work.