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By Sentral Services on July 14, 2021

Cleaning and Disinfection Services: 5 Ways Your Office Benefits

Property managers and business owners are changing how they approach cleaning and disinfection services for their offices. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the standards for cleaning have changed drastically. In addition, it will take more proactive measures to put employees at ease when they come into the workplace.    

Now, more than ever, there is a greater responsibility of maintaining an office that is clean and safe for employees and visitors. No one wants to come to work afraid that they may catch a virus or bring something home to their families. One of the best ways to prevent infection is regular professional cleaning service and being prepared for situations that require emergency disinfection services.

This article will cover 5 ways cleaning and disinfection services work together to keep the office environment safe and healthy for your team. Before we do, here’s what you need to know about the impact of COVID-19 on professional cleaning services. 

5 Benefits of Office Cleaning and Disinfection Services

The typical working environment has forever changed—with the shutdown of many offices from COVID-19, many employees prefer remote work to avoid unnecessary risks. Although many workers are returning to the office a few times a week, most want to maintain a hybrid work environment.

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Regardless of when employees choose to come into the office, they want to feel safe when they do. Traditional cleaning service isn’t enough to put workers at ease. According to a recent Deloitte Study, employees are looking for visible cleaning of shared spaces and equipment and spraying and disinfecting shared areas. In addition, they want to see that there are multiple steps taken to ensure their safety.   

Listed below are 5 steps you can take to provide employees with the peace of mind they need to return to work confidently.

1. Prevent COVID-19 Spread

According to the CDC, the most common way that COVID-19 is spread is through hand contact with frequently touched surfaces like door handles and light switches. Coronavirus naturally dies in hours and sometimes days, leaving a relatively long window open to touch a contaminated surface. 

Disinfection services work to kill the organisms and pathogens on these high-contact surfaces to reduce the spread of disease. Commercial cleaning professionals are trained to use EPA-approved disinfectants designed to minimize the occurrence and eliminate harmful viruses from these contact points.

Suppose there is an area that has been affected by a virus. In that case, cleaning technicians will target the infected area using various methods and technologies to sanitize then kill the virus using disinfectant to kill the virus up to four hours later. 

2. Eliminate Bacteria and Germs

Similar to pathogens, germs and bacteria can stay on surfaces for hours. According to Science Focus, the average lifespan of bacteria is around 12 hours. 

Janitorial Services that provide regular cleaning with soap and water decrease how much bacteria and germs remain on surfaces. Vacuuming, removing trash, and wiping down surfaces help reduce the bacteria and germs in a particular area. These everyday cleaning activities lower the risk of spreading more dangerous viruses like COVID-19 and the common cold and flu.

One service you may need is sanitization which works to bring down germs and bacteria to a specific level. If you’re not in a medical physical, then it won’t be likely that you will have to have that tolerance be as close to zero as possible. But, on the other hand, medical facilities require sanitization and disinfection to bring the germ count as close to zero as possible.

As you can imagine, increased visitor traffic creates more moments where germs can be spread from the outside to the inside environment. Regular cleaning and disinfecting services can work to keep the bacteria count down so that fewer people get sick.  

Your commercial cleaning company will help you determine the areas that need to be cleaned with janitorial services and disinfection services to eliminate bacteria and germs for your office.  

3. Improve Air Quality

Allergens are substances like pollen or dust inhaled and can cause an allergic reaction in the body. According to Everyday Health, 40 to 50 million Americans live with allergies. Common symptoms are watery eyes, asthma, coughing, and wheezing. 

An uncleaned office leads to an accumulation of pollen and dust, which build up over time. When employees come into the office, they bring outside particles into the office. If left uncleaned, they will spread desk to desk, person to person. If you’ve ever been to an office that has made you feel “stuffy,” then you’ve experienced a buildup of allergens.

Airflow from air conditioning units and fans spread loose pollen throughout the office. Professional cleaners will dust fans, shelves, counters, and common areas to remove common allergens to improve the air quality. 

The Entrepreneur article 6 Ways to Control Allergens states that allergens are a top reason employees miss work. Dating back to 2013, it shows that allergies have impacted employee’s productivity for a long time. 

According to Dr. James Sublett, an allergy specialist from Family Allergy and Asthma Clinic in Louisville, Ky., “It’s very important for business owners to recognize that they should do some simple things that can reduce overall exposure to allergens and other irritants.” 

Another effective way that professional cleaning services remove allergens is by using green products with fewer chemicals. By cleaning and removing the amount of pollen in the air, your employees will have less issues with asthma and other detractors from focusing on being productive at work, like itchy eyes or constant sneezing due to dust particles floating in the air.   

4. Visible Clean Environment

Cleaning services will provide detailed cleaning of high traffic areas and common touchpoints like light switches, doorknobs, and toilet flushes. Sanitization and disinfection regularly will ensure there is a minimal exchange between individuals as they come across surfaces. 

Employees who work in the office want to feel comfortable when they come into work. An office that is tidy and has a regular cleaning schedule with advanced services and a plan for emergency disinfection services reminds the staff that they are in a clean environment.

If you’re managing a large office or facility, you know how difficult it is to keep up with all of your responsibilities. One aspect of cleaning services that many business owners are utilizing day porter services.

In addition to a routine janitorial service with a crew that services your entire facility, day porters can be the unsung heroes of day-to-day operations. Janitorial services are typically performed during the evening when there is limited traffic in a building. Day porters’ tasks vary with the advantage of being available during daily operations if an emergency comes up, like if there is a spill. 

Want to learn more about how day porters keep your office safer and more productive? Read this article: Day Porter Services: Why You Need Them - NOW

5. Comply with Changing Regulations and Guidelines

Reliable cleaning professionals stay updated with the latest techniques, processes, and technology to provide a clean and safe working environment. Since the pandemic, the CDC and OSHA guidelines and regulations change frequently. Facilities must have a regular sanitation schedule, which is part of what a cleaning company will help you develop.

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Working with a reputable cleaning company should give you the peace of mind that they comply with industry best practices. This includes using EPA-approved products that are designed to fight harmful viruses. 

Changes in the cleaning industry will continue to evolve as new chemicals, procedures, and regulations will be developed by government authorities. Cleaning professionals make it their priority to stay current to keep the clients they service healthy so you can focus on running your business.  

Keeping Employees Safe With Professional Clean Services

The responsibility of professional cleaning services is greater than ever. Businesses now look to cleaning and disinfection for prevention and protective measures to keep employees safe in the office. With the rise in risk from employees returning to work, it’s no longer enough to mop a floor here and there. 

Maintaining a visibly clean office treated to reduce and eliminate germs, bacteria, and diseases requires various services from trained professionals. When you work with a cleaning provider, their goal should be to build a long-term relationship with you. They will care about your business and will help you develop a customized cleaning plan that will meet your office or facilities’ needs. 

As mentioned, not all cleaning services are the same. At Sentral Service, we’ve enjoyed serving our community in greater Maryland for over thirteen years using our proven CARE methodology

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Published by Sentral Services July 14, 2021

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