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By Sentral Services on April 07, 2021

Day Porter Services: Why You Need Them - NOW

There may be no better way to show care for your employees or tenants than to keep your property clean and sanitized. This has been even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this situation, some companies have turned to an increasingly popular solution: day porter services.

A day porter is a person stationed in a commercial building to aid in daily facility duties that are typically cleaning-related. Their daily tasks often include cleaning public areas, including public restrooms. But most of all, day porters can be the unseen heroes keeping employees and tenants safe.  

Your business may need a day porter, but you might not know that’s the solution you should be looking for. In this article, we’ll cover some of the top reasons you may need to look into day porter services based on the service and benefits they provide.

The Top 7 Reasons You Need Day Porter Services

There are many reasons to need a day porter, and not just that you need some extra help cleaning your building — although that is a good start. Let’s take a look at the top seven reasons to consider a day porter for your business.10 Questions to Ask Before You Purchase Disinfection Services

1. They Customize the Job to Your Needs

Before hiring a day porter, you should assess your needs. What do you want your day porter to do? These answers often vary, so you can modify the job to fit your company’s needs. Some of the best day porters do more than just routine cleaning. They can help out in areas that the rest of your employees are missing.

For instance, maybe you need copies made that are time-consuming, and your day porter has a gap between tasks. Another example is preparing for a meeting. Since the day porter works during the day, they are different from a night crew. They are available on the spot to help out where you need them. 

2. You Can Find A Day Porter That You Like

Being a day porter takes a special kind of person. It’s not just about them helping with cleaning and extra tasks, but it’s about them being part of your team. They need to be helpful and have a positive attitude. 

To determine who would be the right fit for your company, it’s essential to understand your work team. Does your building have a strict schedule to adhere to, or is it more laid back? If the answer is the former, you might need someone who is well-organized, completes things promptly, and can memorize your company’s routine and adapt accordingly. 

If your environment is more laid back, you might find someone who is a bit more friendly and versatile. Whatever your environment, your day porter should be someone who matches your team. 

3. Day Porters Have Advantages Over Janitors

Day porters offer cleaning services much like janitorial staff, but they don’t usually provide deep cleaning as janitorial services do.  They also don’t typically cover the entire building. Janitorial services are also performed after hours when there is low traffic to the building. Janitorial staff can’t aid in urgent tasks during the day, but day porters can. 

Typical Duties

Day porters vary in their duties, but some everyday tasks include:

  • Cleaning, inspecting, and disinfecting common areas 
  • Responding to service calls
  • Daily litter cleanup 
  • Cleaning of windows and glass doors
  • Mopping, cleaning, and polishing floors
  • Vacuuming
  • Replacing light bulbs
  • Event set up/post-event cleanup and breakdown

4. Improve Facility Appearance

One of the most significant benefits of using day porter services is the constant cleanliness. They can help ensure your facility is clean at all times. This aspect not only helps with the appearance of your work environment but also helps with sanitation.

If your property has high foot traffic, you want to ensure regular cleaning and disinfection happens throughout the day. Day porters can come in handy in this respect, cleaning and disinfecting while your employees, tenants, or customers go about their day. 

5. Maintain Safety

In addition to cleanliness and sanitation, another significant benefit to having a day porter around is safety. Spills and messes can cause employees to trip or fall. They can also be time-consuming to clean. So, if you spill your coffee across the floor of the lobby, your day porter can get right on it. 

The same goes for dropping and moving larger items on the floor. People may not notice some of these, such as a notebook or a chair pushed out of place. However, a day porter is around to assess the areas and look for anything out of place. 

6. Improve Employee Satisfaction

Having someone around to help with cleaning and additional tasks can make employees feel more comfortable. Everyone loves a cleaner workplace, and a day porter is there to ensure it happens. The other tasks they attend to can take stress off your employees. The extra helping hand can go a long way. 

7. Improve Productivity

Research shows that productivity declines when your workplace is dirty and cluttered. So, not only can you alleviate this issue with a day porter, but you take the stress off of them with other tasks. 

You also are adding someone who is a part of your team. That person is there to help pick up some of the slack and make things easier on everyone. 

Say you are having a busy morning. Your desk is cluttered, and you’re about to go off to a meeting. You also need copies made for another appointment this afternoon. So, you walk out to check on your day porter, who has just finished cleaning the front counter. You ask them for help, and they manage to organize your desk and make your copies before lunch. This can alleviate not only stress but also improves your productivity. 

Get a Free Proposal

Day porter services are about much more than just cleaning. A day porter is a valuable extension of your team and helps provide a sense of security and ease for your employees or tenants.

Sentral Services can help you get started hiring day porter services. We promise not to confuse you with terms you don’t understand or surprise you with costs we didn’t discuss with you. We will help you create a solid plan that is specific to your business’ needs.

Request your proposal today — we’ll evaluate your specific needs and create a plan that works for you.

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Published by Sentral Services April 7, 2021

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