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By Sentral Services on July 28, 2021

How Much Do Commercial Power Washing Services Cost?

Do you know the #1 factor that contributes to the cost of commercial power washing services?

Removing the dirt and grime from the exterior of your property is a fantastic way to improve the curb appeal of your building. What many don’t realize is that the benefit of commercial power washing isn’t only about appearances. Power washing removes harmful mildew and prevents damage that can lead to costly repairs down the road.  

Whether you want your property sparkling or are preparing to repaint it, we’ve put this article together to help you estimate how much it will cost for commercial power washing services. You’ll be able to assess the size of your project and come up with a ballpark figure for your job. 

Commercial Power Washing Services Costs in Montgomery County

At Sentral Services, our business is helping businesses maintain a safe and healthy environment in their office and workspace. We’ve helped many organizations reopen after COVID-19 with commercial cleaning services and continue to build relationships with our clients using CARE methodology.

Most people think that power washing and pressure are the same, but they are not. Power washing uses hot water that is pressure-treated, whereas pressure washing uses room temperature water. The type of equipment to power wash properly is also more robust and powerful than typical pressure washers.

Get your custom cleaning proposal To serve the needs of our residential customers, we’ve launched a new division of our company called Excel Residential. We specialize in exterior services to keep your property clean, prevent damage from stains, and keep your family healthy by removing mildew and bacteria. 

The following points are what our technicians use to estimate the cost of each commercial project. While each job requires an on-site visit for an accurate quote, these will give you an idea of what to expect for commercial power washing services. 

Average Power Washing Rates

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost for power washing ranges between $193 to $400, with an average of $293. They can be much less expensive at $100 or well beyond at $600 and above.

Power washing services, much like commercial cleaning services, are highly variable. Why? The process, equipment, and skill level are different with every company. Although the service may be similar, a company that services commercial facilities will charge more because of a proven track record of delivering quality results to scale. However, when you compare that to a one-man shop, the rates will be vastly different.

A general rule of thumb is that the access to higher levels, equipment needed to complete the job, and the labor speeds increase the overall cost of power washing services.

Even so, most companies will have a base rate they use to calculate from the total square footage that needs to be power washed. At Sentral Services, we charge a base rate of $2.00/ sq. ft. Our rate is a general starting point, and assessing the job by a professional will ensure the most accurate price.

Next are the main variables that impact the cost of commercial power washing services. 

Project Scope

The project’s scope is the #1 factor influencing the cost, including the type of building and surfaces that need power washing. For example, a garage would typically be priced per number of spaces it has, whereas exterior walls and sidewalks are priced by total square feet.

Many wonder if there is a difference between commercial and residential power washing costs, but they’re not really. There could be different surface types and access to the property. The number of stories a building has could require a lift and slow down the speed of labor. Commercial facilities could also have more dirt, grime, and grease, such as a loading dock area. Obviously, a greasy dock will be more labor-intensive than a home, but it all comes back to project scope.

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A service technician will generally need to do a walkthrough to gauge the project in person. The type of facility may require extra equipment like a ladder to reach high areas or special considerations like additional chemicals to remove mildew and dirt buildup from surfaces that haven’t been treated for some time.

Type of Surfaces

The surface of a building also has a heavy impact on costs as some are much easier to power wash than others. For example, think about storefront glass panels compared to a worn sidewalk with cracks. It’s much easier to spray the entire area and clean the glass with the right equipment and chemicals. The sidewalk, on the ether hand, may take a few extra measures to remove the dirt. 

The last time the surface was cleaned also plays a role. A home that was power washed the previous year will take far less time than a home that hasn’t been power washed for a decade. Just as cleaning removes dirt from a floor and prepares it for commercial floor waxing, power washing minimizes the accumulation of grime on a surface. The more you do it, the less buildup. 

The location is also a factor to consider. Beachfront properties collect salt that erodes surface more quickly than properties that are inland. Despite this reality, many property owners learn the hard way how they could have avoided costly power washing services if they had done it sooner. Additionally, how the structure is used also impacts the cost.

Project Deadline

When do you need your power washing service complete? If you need it complete in one day or have flexibility, this can change how much a company charges you. Rush jobs that require immediate attention mean that a company has to pull their crew off a job to complete yours. A rapid response is typical with disinfection cleaning services, as emergencies can occur at any time. 

Commercial power washing is usually not an emergency, but even so, large facilities have other services and budgets to manage. Ensuring that your service is complete on time can impact other business operations. Your facility may require various commercial cleaning services, with power washing only making up for a small percentage of your maintenance schedule.

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Your cleaning provider will work with you to create a cleaning schedule for all of your services. They should take pride in making the success of your business their own by ensuring you’re maximizing your budget and completing their services on time.     

The Cost of Commercial Power Washing

You probably realize now that nailing down an average for commercial power washing services isn’t as straightforward as you’d think. Now, instead of calling up your local company and asking how much it will cost, you’ll be one step ahead. 

You’re familiar with averages and can discuss the variables that impact the job’s overall cost as a professional does. In the end, your project may well be above or below the $293 average per service. What’s even better than understanding the costs is the ability to vet the company you’re considering skillfully, as a subpar company leads to more costs down the road. 

With all of the commercial cleaning services we offer at Sentral Services, the way we conduct our business is far more critical than what we do. Our proven CARE Methodology keeps our clients happy for long-term power washing services and any other cleaning services you may need. 

We offer free custom quotes for commercial power washing services and invite you to experience the CARE difference firsthand.

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Published by Sentral Services July 28, 2021

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