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By Sentral Services on June 09, 2021

How Often Does Your Building Need a Commercial Floor Waxing?

No one wants to overpay for commercial floor waxing. You know you need to have the tile, hardwood, or stone floors in your building waxed. But how often does it need to happen?

There’s a fine line between waxing too often and not enough. Stripping and waxing too often means you pay more and can even damage your beautiful tile, hardwood, or stone floors in the long run. But so can not having them stripped and waxed often enough.

As a premier commercial cleaning service provider that offers commercial floor waxing, we’ve been asked this question frequently. The answer most providers give is five to six months. 

However, a few variables can affect our recommendation and therefore impact how much you pay. Here’s what you need to know about commercial floor waxing frequency.

3 Primary Factors that Effect Commercial Floor Waxing Frequency

Regular commercial floor waxing can ensure that your building's flooring is in pristine shape. The last thing you want is a dirty floor to be a potential client's first impression of your facility.

However, multiple factors can make your floor wear down faster, requiring waxing to be done at a higher frequency than some may recommend. Some less-than-great companies may try to one-up you by continuing to wax the surface of your floor, which can trap dirt and grime in the layers of wax. Doing this means you'll have a dirty floor even when freshly waxed, and they'll charge you for scrubbing the surface and a new coat of wax. 

To avoid this, reach out to multiple companies about your individual business's needs and get quotes before hiring them. 

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1. Location and Foot Traffic

One of the significant factors that influence how often your floors need to be waxed is foot traffic. High-traffic areas mean that the floor is much more likely to get dirtier faster. 

Think about the hardwood or stone floor in your main lobby versus the same flooring in a conference room. It not only looks much dirtier quicker but wears down faster — these areas with more foot traffic demand more frequent waxing to keep up with the daily wear-and-tear. 

2. Floor Material

Another thing to keep in mind when considering how often to have your flooring waxed is the floor’s material. Hardwood floors wear down differently than stone floors, for example. 

And it isn’t quite as simple as saying stone versus wood floors. Countless flooring varieties have different wear rates, which is why it’s wise to consider which floors are getting taken care of and at what times. 

Many may not realize that flooring material wears down differently, even among materials in the same so-called “group.” Some common types of stone flooring, for example, include marble, granite, and slate, all of which wear down differently and react differently to cleaning. 

  • Marble: Requires specialized cleaning solutions since it scratches easily
  • Granite: Less common but more resilient to typical cleaners than marble
  • Slate: Wears down with foot traffic to a dull finish very easily 

Knowing how your flooring performs not only with wear-and-tear but with different cleaning chemicals is especially important when hiring a professional to tend to the commercial waxing needs of your flooring.

3. Regular Upkeep

As we mentioned, simply having your floors commercially waxed “on schedule” isn’t enough to keep them in good shape. If your floors aren’t cleaned regularly through janitorial services, dirt and grime can get trapped between layers of wax. 

It’s a problem since dust, dirt, and debris can break down hard surfaces if left there for too long. Think about what would happen if hundreds of patrons walked over the same pebble left on your floor every day. It wouldn’t damage the floor initially, but let’s say you have a relatively soft floor like marble. 

Each step your patron takes would dig that rock further and further into the protective wax, getting to a point where it could damage the marble. Expensive repairs would be necessary to fix it. 

You can avoid this with regular upkeep, such as janitorial services. It’s typically enough to remove surface-level dirt and grime, which can save you from hiring a service to scrub off all wax and re-apply due to debris trapped beneath the layer of wax. 

Choose a Commercial Floor Waxing Provider Who CAREs

You can’t hire just any old company to handle your floor waxing needs. The best company will know how to get your floors to the perfect finish and prevent permanent damage that you could have to pay for later down the road. 

We at Sentral Services use a proven methodology to ensure you’re informed every step of the way, all the while knowing we’re using techniques that are proven to work. That’s why we are a company who CAREs.  

We communicate with you throughout every step of the cleaning process, whether you need us to provide essential janitorial services or the best floor waxing possible. 

We provide you with assurance, letting you get back to focusing on your business without worrying about the details of cleaning or worrying that we’re going to cause your floors severe and irreparable damage. 

Replication is important to us. We use processes we can repeat repeatedly and have done so for many years as a company. We expect our team to elevate your business to one that is clean and, most of all, safe. 

Curious about our services? Contact us today for your free custom cleaning proposal, and let us help you make the perfect first impression on your visitors.  

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Published by Sentral Services June 9, 2021

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