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By Sentral Services on June 17, 2021

How to Evaluate Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

With so many commercial cleaning services in your area, how do you know which company will do the best job?

Many vendors are unqualified to handle the scale or complexity of a commercial building. Hiring the wrong company could lead to problems like improper chemical use that could damage flooring or not correctly following the latest guidelines to prevent COVID-19.

Professional commercial cleaning requires skilled hands who are experts at their craft and undergo ongoing training. In addition, many fail to realize that most commercial spaces require a custom services package.  

In this article, we’ll cover key factors that will help you choose the best commercial cleaning service provider in your area. You’ll be ready to put the vendors you’re considering to the test and be confident in choosing the right one for your commercial space.

Finding the Right Commercial Cleaning Service

You don’t want to get locked in with a company you can’t stand working with or that provides lousy service. That’s why it’s essential to know the factors that go into quality commercial cleaning services before you sign an agreement. 

When we ask new customers why they left their previous cleaning company, the reason is often lack of communication. The best companies are upfront about the philosophy behind their work and aim for a win-win partnership from the beginning. We’re not the right fit for everyone, but we value building relationships, and one of the best ways is with quality communication.

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At Sentral Services, we’ve been around long enough to see new cleaning services come and go. As a commercial cleaner in Maryland, we know that business owners have many decisions to make. And now with COVID-19, deciding the right cleaning services is a top priority. A clean office space keeps your employees safe and provides an ideal work environment. 

We’ve put the following list together to help you evaluate which companies will provide the best long-term service for your commercial space. By putting in the time to carefully consider who you hire, you can avoid costly problems down the road.

How Long Have They Been In Business?

The amount of years in business isn't the end-all in the cleaning industry, although it can tell you a lot about its performance. For one, a company that has been around longer will have more reviews (more on that later). But it'll also give you confidence that your building will be cleaned right the first time. 

The reason we don't consider experience as the most important trait is that some companies get stuck in the "how it's always been done" mentality. While some methods may have worked in the past, products and processes have changed. The equipment and solutions we use today are safer for those around them and provide a better level of clean. 

At Sentral, we pride ourselves in maintaining the beginner's mentality while enjoying the benefits of our 15+ years of experience.

Work with a Trained Staff 

What makes an exceptional cleaning commercial company is a trained staff that takes pride in a job well done. They’re willing to go the extra mile and understand their role in maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for employees and visitors. They’re also flexible and able to meet the unique demands of your space by a fixed deadline.  

Each staff member should be an expert at their craft and go through frequent, ongoing training to ensure they follow the latest COVID-19 guidelines and regulations. Are they following an established process based on years of experience and are using the appropriate equipment? Are they able to frequently communicate updates on your facility in the method that you choose? 

A trained staff knows how to use proven methods while staying current with the latest industry best practices. It could be the difference between an employee staying healthy or getting sick. Look for a company that follows these signs of a great cleaning service. 

Require Proof of Insurance

Make sure that the company you hire has proof of insurance, workers’ compensation and is bonded. These items protect you from paying for accidental property damage and ensures that their employees are covered if they injured themselves on the premises.

Companies that can’t maintain insurance or a bond show signs that they are not financially stable. Companies that offer the “best deals” might do this because their strategy is to outprice their competition to win over business. The most trusted companies in the area won’t rely on price tactics to win business but will have proper documentation demonstrating how they deliver consistent professional performance. 

Cost of services is only one side of getting the “best deal.” Companies that maintain insurance and are bonded are far more likely to fulfill services agreements, show up on time, and complete their work at the agreed-upon deadline. Although the price may be more upfront, the long-term benefit is that you’re protected from costly problems, you receive quality service, and you trust the company to deliver what they promise. 

Here are some additional tips on pricing commercial cleaning services.

Verify Their Track-Record & Testimonials

Corporate accounts that hire long-term cleaning services don’t usually leave reviews on consumer places like Google. Sometimes, the only way to know how those agreements worked out is to ask. You may not get an answer, but it’s best to ask to verify a proven track record of long-term service.  

Start by asking for examples of corporate clients they work with and the average length of their service agreements. Even if you only plan to hire a cleaning company short-term, you’ll never know when you may need specialty services like emergency disinfection services. Who would you choose, a company that can provide examples of long-term clients or one that cannot or is unwilling to?

Your commercial cleaning provider is a reflection of your business. The way they conduct their services at your facility will bolster your reputation to staff and employees or could harm it. Reviews on Google don’t always provide a clear picture of the best commercial cleaning companies. Why is that the case? 

They typically bid on large-scale projects which are either invite-only or open to all. When awarded a contract, it’s the quality of their work that decides whether their contract gets renewed or gets canned. Either way, the outcome isn’t talked about much in consumer places on the web. Even if you do come across a company that looks exceptional based on reviews, they could be fake. 

The best testimonials come from previous clients who will speak candidly about their experience with a particular company.  

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service 

Working with a commercial cleaning company is a partnership that helps you achieve your business goals. The best companies have a trained staff capable of handling the unique demands of your space. Do your due diligence by speaking with past clients about their experience. A company with a record of long-term work with satisfied clients proves that they take pride in what they do. 

Since the pandemic, commercial cleaning services have been instrumental in preventing Coronavirus. Whether it's routine janitorial services or emergency disinfection services, it boils down to keeping your environment clean and safe for business operations to thrive. 

Part of what makes Sentral Services successful is that we build our business on trust and communication. We put people first and go the extra mile for our clients by building relationships through our CARE methodology

Curious to see how we operate? We're happy to come to your facility for an on-site visit for a custom proposal.

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Published by Sentral Services June 17, 2021

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