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By Sentral Services
on May 12, 2021
Have you ever bought something just because it was the cheapest option? That probably didn’t work out so well because skimping on cost meant losing out on quality. The same lesson can be applied to ...
By Sentral Services
on July 01, 2020
Researching janitorial cleaning companies is a task no one's thrilled to have to do. Still, cleaning is a requirement that grows more important by the day. Unless your building screams "clean" when ...
By Sentral Services
on June 03, 2020
When most people think "janitorial services," they're reminded of their high school janitor, mopping floors, and sweeping out the cafeteria. In reality, there's far more that goes into janitorial ...
By Sentral Services
on May 27, 2020
A lot goes into a name — take the janitorial services you're looking to hire, for example. When checking out franchises, you probably see a lot of familiar names, and when something is familiar, we ...
By Sentral Services
on April 29, 2020
Finding the right janitorial services in the Mid Atlantic Region can be a challenge. Sure, you can look at reviews, but that only gets you so far. And it seems like everyone has been in business for ...
By Sentral Services
on April 15, 2020
Some buildings are a better fit for in-house janitorial teams. There, we said it. Not every building needs a janitorial cleaning company to manage their cleaning. For some, it's overkill. You don't ...

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