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By Sentral Services on October 27, 2021

The Simple Way to Calculate Commercial Window Washing Costs

Have you been overpaying for your commercial cleaning services? Sometimes it can be difficult to tell.

No matter what industry you are in, the cleanliness of your business affects your customers' perception of your company. Windows are one of the first chances you have to make a first impression on anyone entering your business - you want to make sure you're making a good one! But how can you determine a reasonable cost of the cleaning services that will allow you to make that sparkling first impression?

The cost of commercial window washing services varies based on several factors. Let's take a closer look at some of the elements and how they can influence the price.

Understanding the Cost of Commercial Window Washing Services

You may have heard the adage "you get what you pay for," but that isn't always true. The priciest services aren't always the best. What’s more, if you don't know what factors go into price-setting for commercial window washing services, you may end up paying for something your business doesn't even need.

Sentral Services offers a wide range of commercial cleaning services, from professional janitorial services to disinfection services. We do not typically offer exterior window cleaning services, but our fifteen years of experience in the professional cleaning industry has given us a unique insight into the struggles building managers face when trying to book window cleaning services.

We understand that you want the best services for your budget and don't want to pay for anything you don't need. That’s why we offer a custom proposal so you can gain a better understanding of what services our experts recommend for your building and business.

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Number of Windows 

The most significant factor that will impact the price of your window washing services is the number of windows your building has. Many building owners expect the price to vary based on the size of their windows, but the number of windows is actually much more impactful when it comes to price. 

Pricing varies, as some companies charge per window while others will charge by the hour, but it is possible to ballpark your cost based on how many windows your building has. According to HomeAdvisor, the pricing of commercial window cleaning per window ranges on average from $5-$15 per window. So, to estimate the cost of your cleaning services based on your number of windows:

10 windows $50-$150

50 windows $250-$600

100 windows $500-$1500

Why is this? Simple: The more windows you have, the more time, staffing, and supplies it will take to clean them. 

Numbers of Floors

The second factor that can impact the cost of window washing services is the number of floors your building has. The taller your building, the more you can expect to pay. Tall, multi-story buildings require specialized equipment and expertise to clean exterior windows. In almost any industry, specially trained professionals and highly specific equipment carry a higher price tag.

Buildings are split into three categories:

  1. Multi-level buildings: Buildings between one and three floors
  2. Mid-rise buildings: Buildings between four and six floors
  3. High-rise buildings: Buildings with seven or more floors

If your building is in the mid-rise or high-rise category, you can expect to pay an estimated additional $10 per hour for any work done above the third floor due to safety risks, which can increase your cost significantly.

Many cleaning services do not have access to the necessary crews and gear to clean high-rise office buildings. These companies will clean interior windows but will not offer exterior window cleaning services beyond a specified number of floors. Be sure to ask these questions when you are researching window cleaning services. 

Location of Building

The physical location of your business also affects your window washing costs because it can impact how frequently you need your windows cleaned.

For example, buildings next to a highway will need more frequent exterior window cleanings due to smog from vehicles driving past each day. Alternately, if your business is located near a large number of trees, you may need more frequent cleanings, especially during high-pollen seasons.

The climate of your general area can also impact the frequency of cleanings needed. If your environment is known for its rain or snow, your building will likely require more frequent window cleanings than buildings located in drier climates.

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Type of Building

The type of business you own also impacts your window washing costs. Different industries serve different purposes, and as a result, they have different needs and requirements for commercial cleaning. 

Some industries, like healthcare, have strict requirements and regulations regarding the cleanliness of their facilities. If you maintain a hospital or a doctor’s office, you will need window cleaning and disinfection services more frequently than the owner of a standard office building. 

Specific industries require more frequent cleaning due to the nature of the business. For example, a hospital would likely need its interior windows cleaned more frequently than an office building. If you are maintaining a university, airport, or another high-traffic facility, you are more likely to have a larger number of fingerprints on your interior windows. In that case, you will need your interior windows cleaned frequently.

Additionally, you need to consider your clientele. How many people are coming in and out of your building daily? Are these people mostly business professionals, or does your building see many children (who are far more likely to touch windows and leave handprints and other marks)? 

Factors such as these can impact your window washing costs, as buildings with higher traffic generally need more frequent cleanings than buildings with fewer visitors.

Building Design

Lastly, the design of your building can impact your commercial cleaning prices. This goes beyond considering the number of windows and looks into the actual architecture of your space. How large are the windows? Are they single panel or split by multiple panes and other details? Think about a commercial storefront at a car dealership compared to tiny windows on a thirty-story condo building. It takes more time to do the condo.

For example, inset windows or windows with crowded windowsills will be more challenging to clean than windows that are flush with the walls or the side of the building. Be sure to do an inventory not only of the number of windows but also the possible challenges a window cleaning service may encounter while washing those windows.

How To Determine Your Commercial Window Washing Costs 

Equipped with the information above, you should be able to gain a general idea of how much commercial window washing services will cost for your building and business, but is that really how you want to spend your valuable time?

Sentral Services offers janitorial and disinfection services, as well as exterior window cleaning for buildings with three stories or less. Though we will not be able to offer exterior window services for mid- or high-rise buildings, we hope the information in this post will allow you to better calculate what you can expect to spend on those services. 

Contact Sentral Services for a custom proposal for your commercial cleaning needs. We have experience working with clients across industries, from office buildings to college campuses, and we are confident that we can help your business.

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Published by Sentral Services October 27, 2021

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