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By Sentral Services on August 25, 2021

How to Find the Best Disinfection Services Near Me

Emergencies like exposure to a disease or a spill in a facility require immediate action, making finding the best disinfection services critical.  

There’s no way to predict an emergency. Operating a large facility like a medical campus is complex, with hundreds of staff, visitors, and high-tech equipment on many levels and areas. Because of many variables, the chance of an emergency event occurring is much higher than in a small medical office. Usually, your commercial cleaning contract covers disinfection services, but what happens when something happens outside of your contract? 

We’ve asked that question to our clients who manage medical facilities, high-rises, universities, and business complexes. They all agree that having an emergency response plan is essential to maintaining operations.     

In this post, you’ll learn how to choose a local disinfection service for time-sensitive events like an emergency. You’ll not only save time, but you’ll also be confident that you’ll know who to contact to get your facility up and running safely.  

When Do You Need Disinfection Services Near Me?

There are two cases when building managers consider disinfection services: they either need an immediate response to an emergency or are looking to prevent future emergencies through preventive disinfection.

Your current cleaning contract may be limited or restricted in that it does not cover specialty services like disinfection. If a situation occurs, it may be an unexpected cost not covered with the current scope of your contract. Despite this, don’t be caught off guard about what to expect when selecting the best disinfection service.

Each commercial deep cleaning service handles disinfection differently, making it challenging to select the best one in your location. We’ve put the following points together to help you choose a reputable disinfection service that will ensure the safety of your building. 

Provide Rapid Response Plan

As a property manager or building owner, it’s your job to take proper measures to ensure the safety of your tenants. If someone tests positive for COVID, you have to act fast. Nobody wants to shut down an office due to COVID-19, but it’s a common occurrence that you should be prepared to handle quickly. And if not addressed in a timely fashion, the risks of infection to other tenants run higher.

Disinfection Service providers will be able to provide a rapid response to these situations that require killing contaminants and getting your office back up and running. 

They will consult you on the areas that need to be treated then trace the route to disinfect all surfaces on that path. This will include elevators, stairwells, hallways, bathrooms, desks, and shared areas.

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By working directly with the property manager, the disinfection team will plan what areas to target and kill contaminants quickly, preventing tenants from future exposure.

Specialized and Experienced Team

Handling COVID-related situations and other emergencies requires the use of specialized equipment and a skilled team. They will know how to handle contaminants using various levels of sanitation and disinfection products and procedures. They will be able to treat surfaces to eliminate pathogens and rapidly spreading viruses like COVID-19. 

COVID-19 preventive cleaning and decontamination service are not all the same. Trained disinfection team members will have tested procedures to handle various situations and be experts at preventing contamination risks in the future. 

When considering disinfect services, discuss the level of training of the team that will service your building. Ensure that they have the experience to handle various situations and have the track record to prove it. Ask the prospective company their disinfection process, their team uses, and what you expect for your building.

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In addition, there are many other emergencies besides COVID that rely on professional disinfecting services like blood-borne issues. A skilled disinfect team will have advanced training to handle dangerous chemicals properly, using them to eliminate harmful contaminants from surfaces. 

Before hiring a disinfection service, be sure that the company articulates the disinfection process of their team and that you understand what it entails. 

Look for More Than a Service: Communication Matters

Similar to janitorial services, the cleaning industry is all about relationships. It’s no different with disinfection services. When selecting a company, look for those who provide top-notch service by an expert staff and prioritize communication.

One of the biggest complaints of property managers is the lack of communication with cleaning projects. When you need disinfection services, time is critical, and communication must be excellent. The best disinfection services will make communication their #1 priority. Settle for nothing less. 

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The right disinfection services are your partner in safety and health. By working with the right company, you’ll have the peace of mind that your building will be taken care of regardless of if or when an emergency someone testing positive for COVID will occur.

Although professional disinfection services are not routine like janitorial services, they are still as critical and rely on partnerships between building management and cleaning companies to be successful. When considering a company, ask them how they will communicate project updates and be proactive, rather than waiting for you to tell them what to do.  

The Easy Way to Find Disinfection Services Near Me

Because of the time-sensitive nature of emergencies, working with a disinfection team that has a response plan, an experienced staff, and that provides excellent communication will ensure that your building is handled correctly. 

One of the best ways to plan for the unplannable is to know who you can trust to handle these unexpected situations. Any commercial company can claim that they can handle the complexity and scale of your building, but during an emergency, it’s not the best time to test it. In advance, you want to know that you have reliable partners that will deliver safety to you and your tenants to keep your operation moving forward.

If you have any shade of doubt about your current provider, we invite you to contact us for a free disinfection service quote

Sentral Services has been providing commercial cleaning services to Montgomery County for over 13 years. We provide disinfection service as well as janitorial services and specialize in large-scale medical buildings and business offices.

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Published by Sentral Services August 25, 2021

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