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By Sentral Services on August 11, 2021

How to Find the Best Janitorial Services Near Me

Finding the best janitorial services isn’t as easy as you might think. There are many excellent office cleaning services to choose from in Montgomery County. How will you know which will give you the best long-term benefits for your facility?

Property managers constantly have to make decisions that impact the cash flow of their business. Choosing the best commercial janitorial services is no exception, as it is one of the most significant monthly operational expenses. Cleaning a medical campus or high-rise requires extensive and frequent janitorial services that are expensive to manage, and each service provider is not created equal. 

Routines janitorial services, when done correctly, improves the entire flow of your business. In this post, you’ll learn how to choose the “best janitorial service near me.” By the end, you’ll be able to decide if you should keep your existing janitorial service or get a custom cleaning proposal from a company that will treat your facility as its own. 

Finding the Best Janitorial Services Near Me: 3 Questions to Ask

When you receive bids for janitorial services, deciding which one is best for your building can be challenging. Seeing many numbers on a page doesn’t tell you much about the companies, their experience, their team, and most importantly, if they will consistently deliver excellent results. 

At Sentral Services, we’ve serviced Montgomery for over 13 years. As we tell all of the building managers and property owners we work with, they must look beyond the initial bids they receive from a dollars standpoint.

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Many building managers get burned by signing a long-term contract with a janitorial service that is the least expensive but fails to deliver what they promise. This hurts your facility as it impacts the day-to-day operation of your tenants and affects your credibility. 

How can you evaluate a company beyond the cleaning contract? The following post will help you keep three critical points as you assess the janitorial cleaning proposal that comes across your desk.

1. Do They Service Buildings Like Yours?

The type of clients a cleaning company serves will tell you a lot about their company. Do they work with small offices or large medical campuses? Types of buildings a cleaning company services will give you an idea of their specialties, track-record, and the volume of work that they can handle. 

Although many janitorial services are similar in terms of services, the scale at which they operate varies from company to company. If you operate a large medical facility, it’s helpful to know if the janitorial services have the capacity and skills to clean a budding of your size. Do they have enough staff to handle your building? Will they have experience working with larger operations? When searching for janitorial service, knowing the clients they service will give you an accurate picture of the company’s capabilities. 

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In total, look for the typical type of building they clean. Start by asking them what the average square footage of the building they clean is. It’s very telling if they say 1,000 compared to 100,000. The building type also determines the complexity of services. Make sure to get a clear understanding if they’ve serviced buildings like yours before and do so regularly.

The average contract length is also something that you want to know. Are long-term clients the bulk of their business or single jobs? You want to have a clear picture of the work they do if they are skilled at handling buildings like yours consistently. Regardless of what they say about themselves, the type of clients they service will tell you what you need to know.  

2. Do They Have a Trained and Caring Staff?

Nothing is worse than trusting the safety and cleaning of your building to untrained staff. It's not only a waste of money but puts your tenants at risk.

The best janitorial cleaning companies have trained staff that care about their work since they understand how it impacts the overall operations of your buildings. Too many cleaning companies hire temporary labor to assist in cleaning services.

Look for companies with in-house employees rather than contractors who train regularly to keep their skills and knowledge at the highest levels. This company oversight ensures that employees follow the latest procedures and techniques to keep your building safe and clean. 

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Working with an outstanding cleaning team makes all the difference—the janitorial crew that enters your building should bring with them not only skills and expertise but great attitudes. They will keep you updated when they complete the work and if there are any issues or concerns. 

Being in the loop will help you focus on managing the operation of your business without spending your valuable time wondering if the bathrooms, counters, and high-contact surfaces are appropriately cleaned.

3. How Will They Put Your Building First? 

When working with janitorial services, you want to have a seamless experience in which you know that services are handled on time and as promised. How will it be working with a new company? Will they show up on time, do what they say they will do, and go above and beyond? It’s not enough to wipe a counter or spray the door handle. 

Excellent janitorial services thrive not because of their ability to perform routine services. The best companies provide timely project updates, make suggestions to improve the process, raise concerns when needed, and keep the building managers in the loop with crucial information to make everyone’s job easier.

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Even if you get a decent cleaning contract for your building, what makes the long-term difference in prices, but the responsiveness of the janitorial services. Do they keep you in the loop, solve issues, and are proactive with meeting the requirements of your building? Do they adapt schedules and perform services at times most convenient for you? You don’t want to have to micro-manage them to do their job.

When you request a custom cleaning proposal, look at how well they communicate with you, anticipate your needs, and how responsive they are. Their interaction at this early stage is an indication of how they will handle future work. In total, the janitorial service crew should care about the work they do to ensure your building is clean and will treat your facility as their own.  

When Is it Time to Look for Janitorial Services Near Me?

When you work with the best janitorial services for your building, they help you increase your business efficiency and remove potential problems that could negatively impact your tenants. 

Are your janitorial services meeting the mark or missing it? 

The chances are that many aspects of your current commercial cleaning services can improve. Whether it’s the quality of service, flexible schedule, or expert recommendations that save money in the long run, these are conversations that are worth having frequently. 

At Sentral Services, we’ve provided expert commercial cleaning services and consultation to clients through Montgomery County for over 13 years. We are here to help develop a custom cleaning plan for your building, as the requirements are unique.

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Published by Sentral Services August 11, 2021

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